Ji Chang Wook and Yoona’s Characters Finally Grow Closer as The K2 Finishes Midway Airing

Midway though it’s run, tvN‘s hit political thriller drama The K2 is still firing on solid cylinders and delivering an entertaining weekly ride. I’m not as personally invested as I hoped to be with the characters and their complications, but the story as a whole has me hooked to watch how the baddies will get their comeuppance and the leads their happy ending. At least I hope Je Ha and Anna get their happy ending, he’s such a strong decent person, being a bodyguard seems like a job he can do forever as a career and all he needs is an emotional anchor in a woman he loves. I’m so glad Anna over her icy thaw and is ready to interact with the rest of the characters more, her dad is so odious I just want the three leads to band together and bring his house of cards down.


Ji Chang Wook and Yoona’s Characters Finally Grow Closer as The K2 Finishes Midway Airing — 19 Comments

  1. In this drama, I love the actions scenes and the scenes with Song Yoon Ah because she’s a great actress. But I’m not fond of the story and I’m not interested in the love story because Anna is a little girl for me, not a woman.

    • So true. She has the emotional maturity of a child, not a woman. Not that I blame her being secluded for most of her emotionally formative years. But a romance between them at this point isn’t a good idea.

  2. In a 16 episode drama, it took 8 episodes just for the two romantic leads to have a proper conservation, if that does not scream bad plot pacing then i don’t know what does.

    With that being said this is my favourite episode and have started to like the drama.

    • This definitely was a good episode, minus the wasted time spent on summaries and flashbacks. I thought it was appropriate development given the fact that Anna is such a troubled character. She witnessed her mother’s death and separated from her father. She’s been a captive all her life. Simple human interaction is already tough for her, much less a romantic relationship. It would have been weirder to see her being comfortable with Je Ha in earlier episodes. I’m glad the writers are focusing more on her maturation than giving her a boyfriend.

      • I actually think it will be odd to push a heavy romance at this point. They should stick with her finally having someone in her corner for the first time in her life. This is not a writer who does romance well which is fine if he doesn’t force it into the story.

  3. The Anna/ Je-ha scenes are a complete snooze fest for me. Loved how the drama started with so much conflict, action and cool characters.Now the story is becoming less interesting because of all the plotholes, bad pacing and tonal dissonance. Je-ha seems to have a personality change everytime Anna is around. I’m just in it now for Ji Chang-wook and Song Yoon-ah. Especially Song Yoon-ah, she’s definitely stealing the show.

    • same my friend x-x I’m so done with Anna and her ramen’s comercial and then its flashbacks = = and Je-ha/anna parts are so cringey. I would prefer Ji Chang-wook and Song Yoon-ah pairing.

      • I totally agree. That ramyun scne.. Omg.. My toes curled. I dont ship jeha and anna romance. It feels forced and their chemistry is so awkward. Compare with the umbrella scene Jeha has with yoojin.. Tat one, my heart stop for a moment.

  4. Seems 50/50, the number of people that complaint 1st 4 episodes was just testosterone action but no plot vs the other 50 that thought next 4 talked too much and is too slow with too little action.

    Overall, writer still the weak link. Actors are just acting out their roles.

    I believe romance drives Korean ratings most of the time, all the talk on forums are about pairing. For K2, at half way through, it looks like it’s only starting, will it be too late?
    Like Koala said, still entertaining and I’m still watching.

    I remember if not wrong, at the start, the ratings were won mostly in the 30/40s age group. Now that it is winning all age group and both gender, it must being doing good and something right.

  5. The ratings got up during the 6th Episode because of the umbrella scene between Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah during the 5th Episode that got the viewers tune in for more.
    This week’s 7th and 8th Episodes got lower ratings because the drama now finally focused on Anna-Je Ha interactions which I think is very lackluster compared to Yoo Jin- Je Ha scenes. This drama is all sorts of inconsistent but the thing I’m happy about it is that I discovered Song Yoon Ah through this and what a great actress she is.

    • This weeks ratings were lower because of the baseball play-offs or why do you think some dramas fear to be cut?
      And all peaks for the episodes so far were during Yoona’s scenes, so you’re argument is?

    • Girl, no. The ratings do not related to any of the casts. And if you want to say that the ratings dropped because of Anna-JeHa interactions, then please explain why most of the highest rating or peaked ratings are mostly at Anna/YoonA’s scenes?? LOL. Facts checked before you wanna talk shit.

    • No ,ratings went down cause of a baseball game. Their highest rating was during episode 6 , which was first episode where Anna was the main focus. And like somebody pointed out almost every episode has Anna scene as its peak rating- Anna and Jeha CPR scene, Anna with her Father, Anna giving public speech.

      So stop spreading lies.

  6. Have been a fan of SYN since watching Hotelier. I’ve never doubt whether she can handle any role, protagonist or antagonist. I don’t expect K2 to be as romantic as Healer since the writer of Yon Pal doesn’t seem to be good at that. Is it he or she? If the writer is a guy, then it’s understandable he might be lacking in wooing female audience into romantic feat of storyline. DotS’ original writer (the co-script writer of KES) didn’t write a story to focus on lovey-dovey romance either. But KES changed the screenplay to make it a full blossom of KES style. LOL…Most male writers don’t know what female audience are craving for on screen.

  7. I don’t mean to be anti-Im Yoo Nah, the girl but of the 4 lead actors, it is very clear that she lags behind in the acting department! I’m sorry to say this, just being objective. I give high marks to the 3! Song Yu Nah is intensely good as the scheming,manipulative presidentiable wife. Ji Chang Wook is a natural! He has truly proven his mettle as an actor. I think that there should be no question at all regarding his highest paid actor by tvN issue. And Jong Su Ha is able to portray the womanizing, bastardly husband, weak father to Anna and dramatic presidentiable.
    yes, it’s true that i sometimes hope that a romance could develop between the characters of SYN and JCW. I feel that there is a better onscreen chemistry between them. It will even be more interesting or exciting!
    I’m glad that The K2 is rating very well. Ep 8 rated at 7.4% viewership which is really good. Im very happy for the cast especially for the hardworking and handsome JCW.

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