First Teaser for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun in Mermaid Fantasy Drama Legend of the Blue Sea


It’s here! After months of anticipation since the casting was announced, the first teaser has arrived for Legend of the Blue Sea pairing up Hallyu superstars Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun. The first teaser is a veritable cornucopia of colors and quick cuts to whet the appetite. There are plenty of glimpses of Jeon Ji Hyun as the titular mermaid that anchors the legend of the blue sea, she’s seen swimming in the azure ocean depths and reaching longingly for her man. She also walks on two legs so clearly she can change forms on land and in sea, but whatever fate that entwines her with Lee Min Ho’s character is clearly full of angst. Whatever this drama has in store, expect plenty of gorgeousness from both leads and insanely beautiful seascapes.

Teaser for Legend of the Blue Sea:


First Teaser for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun in Mermaid Fantasy Drama Legend of the Blue Sea — 14 Comments

  1. Oh! My good god. this is big budget. the cinematography seems to be of great quality. the locations and the nature is breathetaking

  2. The filmography is surprisingly good. The landscapes and oceans woow.

    I didn’t had big expectations but seems like the production team was serious and threw alot into this.

    I like how LMH’s character sits on that stone right before a beautiful ocean? just that scene sends alot of message and you might think he is just hurting and relaxing to the beautiful waters but the reality is that his connected to the ocean and his love’s world

  3. @sojuboy Inetz like you can be condescending sometimes, just because a kdrama has a mermaid in it means it must be a remake of an american movie?

    This is just a teaser, chill.

  4. Wow, love the teaser! Beautiful scenery and cinematography, gorgeous and talented leads, reliable writer and PD– I mean, what else can I ask for ina kdrama ? I’m in !!

  5. I hope it turns out good, everytime a drama is given alot of promotion it turns out a dud! I do love JJH, she is such a good actress ^.^

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