Puff Guo Tries But Can’t Pull Off Transparent Gauzy Navy Gown at Fashion Event

Taiwan star Puff Guo is usually so fashionably dressed in a way that suits her style impeccably it’s even more odd to see her at this weekend’s fashion event looking so out of her element. She’s been filming C-drama Shuttle Love Millennium for the last month or so, the second installment of the Chinese version based on the Queen In Hyun’s Man series, with most of the news in Taiwan around the likely quiet disbandment of Dream Girls. I always thought Puff was an unlikely idol girl and if she focused on her acting career that would be the wiser long term plan. She should also find a new stylist, whoever put her in this Navy transparent high cut number with matching hot pants needs to be fired – she can’t pull it off and looks awkward trying. Poor Puff, wanting to cover her hot pants even though that’s impossible with the see through material and sky high slit.



Puff Guo Tries But Can’t Pull Off Transparent Gauzy Navy Gown at Fashion Event — 12 Comments

  1. I agree she doesn’t have the confidence and seems uncomfortable. The bodice isn’t very complimentary either. I’m not dissing her but the cut of the gown.

  2. Agree that she does not have the confidence to pull if off but can’t blame the stylist either. How did she agree to wear that dress in the first place is beyond me.

  3. She could’ve just grabbed a handful of that fabric to her thigh and just walked. There’s a point where you realize it’s not working and that would’ve been about 6 feet down the carpet. Hot pants? You’re being nice. Those are formal Granny Panties. Girl Bye.

  4. I thought it’s a beautiful dress. She would have looked good if she could stand tall and not have to fuss with it. And she had to keep fussing with it because it’s way.too.long… She would have tripped if she didn’t grab some of the fabric up while walking. The slit doesn’t help either. The designer should’ve just scratched off the slit. It’s already a see-through, what’s the slit for?

    • Yeah, to me it also looks like the length was more of a problem than anything else. That dress is a tripping incident waiting to happen.

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