Stone Henge CF Playfully Alludes to Jeon Ji Hyun’s Next Role a Mermaid in Legend of the Blue Sea

Casting Jeon Ji Hyun as the spoiled top star in You From Another Star turned out to be a match made in casting heaven, and even seemed that way from the outset when it was announced. Her turn as the centuries old last mermaid on earth in upcoming SBS drama Legend of the Blue Sea is way more of a stretch by dint of the role being fantasy based, but that aside the visuals are also a home run just by the first teaser alone. She’s so radiant and evocative from hiding in caves to arcing convincingly as a mermaid in the water. Jewelry brand Stone Henge┬áis smartly adding a water element to the latest CF ads starring Jeon Ji Hyun, she’s not in the water per se but the blue of the aquarium next to her feels like a homage to her mermaid next act.


Stone Henge CF Playfully Alludes to Jeon Ji Hyun’s Next Role a Mermaid in Legend of the Blue Sea — 8 Comments

  1. I am truly impressed by the longevity of her career. Even with so many crops of new actresses, she is still reigning supreme, what’s with endless movies and drama offers and still the top CF queen.

    • Yeah even after her marriage and motherhood.. imagine being a mermaid just months after giving birth.. so unbelievable ahhaha…

      • Not to mention her overflowing endorsement deals … what more if her new drama airs…so impressive..

      • There’s something so appealing about Jeon Ji Hyun. I first watched her in My Sassy Girl and she has not changed a bit. At the same time, I like that she keeps a normal lifestyle – being happily married and a mother and still a bona fide star. Could hardly find any other actress who could match her level.

  2. Hehe knowing how fandoms work, this water-themed CF is probably useful for photoshop-ing or making fan vids of the early OSTs when there aren’t a lot of scenes to splice in yet.

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