Kim Rae Won Hangs Out at Empty Roadside Los Angeles Motel for Marie Claire Korea Pictorial

Dusty remote out skirts of Los Angeles roadside motels don’t exactly conjure up the requisite postcard settings for a photo shoot, but then again Heirs managed to send leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho to one and make it an early bonding moment for the drama. Sending Park Shin Hye’s latest costar Kim Rae Won there after wrapping Doctors feels like a weird crossed lines moment especially since he acted opposite both Heirs leads in recent years, but at least he looks passably suitable when plopped randomly there. Kim Rae Won was in LA last month for this photo shoot in the coming issue of Marie Claire Korea, shedding the ever present Doctor smile for a more serious look like he’s contemplating inner turmoil that he’s not ready to deal with just yet. I’m curious whether he’ll stick with dramas as his next project or return to movies to tackle the grittier roles he’s now matured and progressed enough as an actor to deliver.



Kim Rae Won Hangs Out at Empty Roadside Los Angeles Motel for Marie Claire Korea Pictorial — 9 Comments

  1. KIM RAE WON is one of the hottest Korean stars of this time, he got good looks, great actor, and well loved by his fans and friends in the industry. Keep it up!

    • I am gonna blame the writers for losing the whole gangster vibe in the second half of the drama. It’s like the writer just decided to coast to the end since the ratings were so good. Too bad.

      I agree with the earlier post. Why did they bother coming to LA? He does look great though.

      • I couldn’t stand her character, not the actress herself. So yeah the writing was sloppy the second part of the drama. The unlikeable character of the leads didn’t help either so I dropped it.

    • Doctors was interesting for its first half but then it turns all boring. Hospital merely serves as a romance setting only so I dropped it after episode 8 and ended watching the finale only.I enjoy KRW as an actor but I don’t like his character as Hong Ji Hong.

  2. I like this photo shoot and the trailer shown in IG. It has a film vibe. Kim Rae Won has certainly matured in his acting throughout the years. Definitely a good and dynamic actor.

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