Ji Soo Caps Off Fantastic 2016 Drama Year and Joins Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

2016 has been a prolific year for actor Ji Soo on sheer volume output, but then again he’s young, career hot thanks to the breakout first drama of Angry Mom in 2015, and has plenty of stamina to strike while the iron is hot. This year alone he did short drama Page Turner, had a guest starring role in Doctors, playing one of the flower boy princes in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and is the second male lead in cable drama Fantastic. It hasn’t been a four-out-of-four win in terms of performances, he was really weak and awkward in his first sageuk role in K-BBJX but the modern dramas he did well enough even if nowhere near capturing the mesmerizing sizzle of Angry Mom days. That’s why I’m happy to hear that he’s already lined up his first 2017 drama and it’s going to be the modern drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on cable network jTBC. He’s playing the second male lead to leads Park Hyung Shik and Park Bo Young. Sounds fantastic to me!



Ji Soo Caps Off Fantastic 2016 Drama Year and Joins Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon — 10 Comments

  1. He was also, I think, in Cheer Up!last year and that was a solid drama as well. Fantastic was underrated, and I just hope JS has given his leg enough time to heal as he goes back to back with dramas.

  2. Ji Soo is such a puppy. I love him most as Cha Shik in “Page Turner”. Surprising and sadly, he is the weakest along with Baekhyun (since he is an idol so I excuse him) in Moon Lovers. I can’t really blame him. It was his first time doing saeguk and should he fell under the direction of a better and experienced PD, I think he would put up a decent performance. And partly, may be Ji Soo is just not cut out for saeguk. There’s something bothersome over the tone of his voice which is not suitable for that period setting. Until he works on his saeguk speech and tone, let him just settle for modern dramas for now. Anyway, I am glad that he does not jump into becoming a male lead yet and continue to improve his craft in supporting roles.

    • He’s definitely not ready to be the lead yet; he is still stiff and awkward in some situations, and boy he should NEVER do sageuk again; that was cringeworthy. But he’s obviously got a great work ethic, even finishing up Fantastic when he probably should have been in the hospital. I hope he does not stop growing and improving his craft.

  3. Theres sth vy engaging abt him and he is adorable when acting out shy awkward scenes. I also think his level of acting id dependent upon the pd as he still needs yhe guidance. I enjoyed his performance this yr in page turner and fantastic. Since im oredi planning to watch strong woman cause of park bo young, well look forward to ji soo’s character.

  4. Ji Soo was also in Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up! in Oct-Nov 2015 KBS. I enjoyed that youthful drama series & his performance in it. Best friend of Nam Joo Hyuk so they got on the show as besties in Celeb Bros. Both good looking & talented & young men.

  5. Ji Soo was good in Fantastic, a very underrated drama. He held his own against the more experienced male and female leads in the show. JS has talent and has a great future in the korean dramaland. More acting opportunities will only improve his acting skills. ‘Fighting” JS “Fighting.”

  6. I was gonna rooting for Park-Park couple but this news breaks my heart cause it will choose Jisoo over hyungshik… damn…. i’m going to have second male syndrome again for a thousand times… Just when he got the girl in Fantastic.. he’ll be sad broken heart puppy again… But i’m glad he’s back even i already know the outcome for his character T.T T_T

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