Lee Min Ho Turns into a Prosecutor in Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea and Second Teaser Ramps Up the OTP Cuteness

I figured Legend of the Blue Sea would be Jeon Ji Hyun‘s chance to cosplay as a mermaid. It’s not the first time K-dramas have presented this fantasy role, Jo Boa did a wonderful mermaid job in the wacky Surplus Princess,but that was cable and this is taking mermaid K-drama style to the big leagues in a prime time SBS time slot. Turns out Jeon Ji Hyun isn’t the only lead to cosplay in Legend, Lee Min Ho will also be cosplaying various roles within his drama role since he’s a conman out there pulling tricks both long and short.

In the just released first official drama scene still, Lee Min Ho’s character in the drama is a prosecutor, complete with working too hard mussed up shirt and tie and later with that job well done swagger out the door. He’s so gorgeous I can’t even, whatever screenwriter Park Ji Eun has up her sleeve in this drama, she clearly has tapped into the right visuals for Lee Min Ho. It seems super slapsticky at times as evidenced in the second just released teaser, the multiple times Jeon Ji Hyun sends Lee Min Ho flying with her legs that go on forever has me cracking up.

Second teaser for Legend of the Blue Sea:


Lee Min Ho Turns into a Prosecutor in Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea and Second Teaser Ramps Up the OTP Cuteness — 21 Comments

  1. The 2nd teaser is out and it’s freaking hilarious ? they both look so gorgeous, my gad ? I see the oncoming of explosive chemistry between these two ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lee Min Ho looks smoking hot here. Finally, he is done playing a high-schooler and I am happy of that development. On another note, I don’t quite like the second teaser. And as much as I adore Jeon Ji Hyun and that she is a great actress, I find that she is pretty much typecast to this kind of role. The latest teaser a bit too comical and slapstick I suppose. But I think it will be a rating win, plus against no strong competitors.

  3. This man always looks dang hot on screen when he isn’t bloated. LOL
    The drama should be a hit given star power and the writer. Who’s the PD and what are his prior works?

  4. This is what Jun Ji Hyun does best: comedy. She and Yu In Young were the only reasons I watched My Love Fron Another Star (her scenes there with Yu In Young were great). Oh, and I also liked the villain. So I hope that we’ll have a brilliant villain here too.

  5. Hmmm, is it me or does LMH look slightly differently? It could be the hair and styling but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some nip/tuck recently..

  6. It’s visually too beautiful. The scenes the leads. Everything!! I never really that interested in LMH but he’s really good looking as he grows. And mermaid JJH, too cute to be missed!!

  7. this is defiantly gonna be a hit.this looks good.very good.I hope we’re not seeing cheong song Yi 2.0 in the drama.cos the acting seems similar.

  8. Legend of the Blue Sea promise to be really good! The teaser was pure poetry and now, the trailer is all motion and fun! I cant wait!
    On the other hand, haters gonna hate; here they are again, with salty comments about LMH looks in The Heirs, bringing again the PS allegations or trying to sound happy to see him casted in a mature rol… Excuse me, but what about Gangnam Blues? Bounty Hunters anybody? No? Ok.
    Anyway, Im really excited about this drama! I wish November would come faster!

  9. The trailer didn’t do much for me but what really can I tell from that….not much. I loved the actress in MLFAS and is the only reason I stuck with it, but I definitely don’t want to see her play the same character over and over again. I loved LMH in Faith and liked him in other dramas. So I will definitely give it a go, but I am going to keep my middle of the road expectations.

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