Rainie Yang Radiant in Rose and White at Taipei Concert for New Album

So many Taiwanese actresses have gotten married in the last few years Rainie Yang is starting to lead the dwindling pack of singles. From Vivian Hsu, Ruby Lin, Shu Qi, Michelle Chen, Ariel Lin, Sonia Sui and Tammy Chen, the parade of beautiful brides has been nonstop and now all eyes are on Rainie since she currently has boyfriend Chinese musician Li Rong Hao and both are over 30 years old and marriage age. Li Rong Hao wrote a song for Rainie’s new album the single “Audience” which Rainie got her three most famous male leads to costar in, with Mike He as her first love, Show Luo as the one who got away, and Wilbur Pan as the one she didn’t love. In the end of the video she’s getting married and walks down the aisle but we don’t see the groom, so fans are speculating that it represents Li Rong Hao and the two are planning to get married soon. Rainie had a concert this past weekend in Taipei performing new songs from her album and shared how happy she was in her current relationship. Judging by how she’s been glowing lately I’m totally not surprised.

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Rainie Yang Radiant in Rose and White at Taipei Concert for New Album — 6 Comments

  1. Ah. Why does that main lead parade seem true in so many ways? Love the meta of it and truly believe she’s enjoying life and love right now. Excited about her album. And truly thankful for her and all the talents she shares with us.

  2. I miss her in dramaland. As always, she looks radiant. Hope she makes a come back in dramaland. Also, happy to now that Rainie is happy.

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