Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Reunite at South Korea President Awards

Ardent Song-Song shippers are in for a treat this week as Descendants of the Sun costars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki happily reunited to receive their President’s Award. They received the recognition this year along with their DotS sreenwriter Kim Eun Sook, blues musician Lee Jung Sun, comedian Uhm Yong Sio, and cartoon artist Lee Hyun Jae. Both were dressed appropriately classy in black and white professional suit and dress ensembles, with Song Joong Ki looking very much like his Colonel Yoo Shi Jin character with his hair buzzed short while shooting upcoming war themed movie Battleship Island. It’s nice to see these two together even if I don’t ship them as anything other than good friends, they really did make each other shine in DotS and the success of the drama rides heavily on both their shoulders as does the addicting romance crafted by Kim Eun Sook.



Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Reunite at South Korea President Awards — 32 Comments

  1. Nice to see them together again with LKS seating behind them as an added bonus. I’m happy seeing SJK’s buzzed haircut. Still can’t get over his YSJ character.

    • yes chaeki!!!!(congrats song song couple and joong ki watch your health, youre getting too gaunt, even for a war movie) chaekiiiiiiii

      • It’s a WWII movie and he’s infiltrated a forced labor camp. It would be odd if he or any of his colleagues didn’t look gaunt, the living and working conditions on the island were beyond horrible.

      • I don’t give a fig for either ‘ship or any other, but how would you even know whether they have or haven’t spoken for years? If they don’t keep you abreast of their interaction over the years, that means they haven’t spoken for years? They don’t even like each other? Is that why in promotional interviews for her movie in 2015, MCW singled out SJK as her favorite acting partner? Three years after Nice Guy and while he was away in the army? Really odd way of expressing how much she dislikes him. And yet, you think it’s the other shippers who are delusional, hmm…

      • well, lemme be more accurate and saying he doesn’t like her. she’s clinging to him for attention.

      • And yet you insist it’s the other shippers who are delusional… But thanks for confirming your troll status in plain terms. Silly of me to engage you in the first place.

  2. Congrats to both, for the category, SHK and SJK deserved that. Providing how influential the drama to date for the further spread of Hallyu, recognition of South Korea, as well as economy and tourism boost. Even overrated happen for a reason. No decent actor want to be overrated, what they did was working hard and the reception was up to the public.

    All in all, their hard work was paid.

    • As for shippers, IMO, delusional is okay as long as it is not harming anyone moreover the shipped couple, and be respectful towards others/other ship by not insulting or using abusive words. Ship all you want,but be responsible with your words and act.

      As a shipper of SSC myself, it doesn’t hurt that they provide so many moments to float the ship and let is sail smoothly, one thing that I notice a rarity even for those are in established relationship. One thing though, she smiles a lot and let her guard down around him, and he seems to enjoy her company a lot too. If they are happy with whatever it is between them, them I’m definitely a happy camper.


  3. Finally a sensible awards ceremony among this year’s nonsensical ones! Very well-deserved award for Song Hye Kyo (she looks sleepy but still so gorgeous and beautiful)!

  4. I like them individually and as actors but never understood the DOTS madness. I like cheesy nonsense but I skipped episodes and fast forwarded a whole lot of DOTS. I still don’t get the hype.

    • Me too. I could not get passed one episode but still give it a second chance since it was so popular only to hate it even more. Not the problems with the actors, it’s the writer that really irked me. I skipped Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity and The Heirs which mean I really have issues with her writings. Yet, she never had a missed and all her works gained high ratings. I mean, if she was the writer behind Moon Lovers, I am sure it would be a hit much like the even crappier The Heirs (all flashy and totally no substance) that unbelievably could break 20% ratings. So much so when people talk about quality.

      • I think the way her writing is just focusing more on the relationship between the characters, not necessarily the plot, but thats just me. Even though I hv no problem enjoying DoTS, n loving it because of the actors, I could understand why some people cant fathom the hype. But one thing for sure, KES sure know how to pick her actors. Maybe thats a critical factor she never had a miss ^^

      • @Nifty Thanks for saying that. I was implying the same thing in another post and i was told to be bitter .

      • Let’s be honest, even a star writer like KES couldn’t have saved Moon Lover given the directing/editing was a flop. LOL

      • Let’s be honest again. Actors also want to work with KES even they know they’re gonna spell out some cheesy lines. Just look at Gong Yoo. He was said to skip the offer as the first choice of lead man for DotS. I really think he might regretted later on and therefore took the offer from KES’ coming drama again.

      • Any actors in their right minds will definitely accept acting offers for dramas penned by KES. Even Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook who have established themselves as leading actors willing to take on supporting roles just to appear in her drama. The thing is I agree her cheesy writing really is a turn off. And I believe what @Nifty implied is that KES could do no wrong. Even crappy The Heirs could do so well means she could present audiences crap and people still bought it, turned on a blind eye with the flaws and others that they could obviously dissect whereas other writers not getting the same previlege. I wonder what’s her charms. Alas, this is showbiz. She is a hit maker and without a doubt, deserving of the awards and so are SJK and SHK.

    • Not very familiar with KES’s writing beyond secret garden, I did not watch Heirs, so its a patter, this particular brand of writing with her. I hope it turns out well, her next project. I’d hate to see my favs wasted in a drama.

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