Lee Min Ho Turns Hypnotist Conman in New Legend of the Blue Sea Stills

The cosplaying of Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea continues, and this latest batch of character stills shows him being a hypnotist of sorts. I feel like Lee Min Ho has done this sort of role before, when he was in City Hunter and being covert and able to blend in seamlessly, or maybe it’s the black cap pulled low which makes him appear more like a spy than a conman. If Heirs was good for elevating his popularity to a high level, which is worth doing a drama as career success isn’t always predicated on award winning performances, then I hope Legend cements his Hallyu status as being a male lead who can embody a character that goes from sageuk officer of the law to modern tricker.


Lee Min Ho Turns Hypnotist Conman in New Legend of the Blue Sea Stills — 15 Comments

  1. lol whatever i dont care anymore. He doesn’t look handsome there, but very handsome and very sexy hahaha he is going to be a hypnosis expert, and i cant wait to see it. He can scam me anytime, i’ll be very happy lol

  2. “career success isn’t always predicated on award winning performances” Boy, ain’t that the truth.

    I wish the production luck though I don’t think they’ll need it regardless of story quality. He’s heading off to the military/police srv next year so good to out on a high note.

  3. I pray this drama will succeed there are so many trolls and haters who wanted this drama to fail badly so that they continue their unnecessary jealousy like oh he is such a bad actor…I hope this time you trolls eat your words.

    • I rarely see or hear someone say that but whomever holds that opinion have been eating his words for 8yrs. now that is for to long. He has been delivering silently.

  4. I have never been this excited before for a drama maybe it’s because of the mermaid concept because I don’t consider myself fan of both leads while I’m just neutral on them but I’m definitely in love with the Mermaid concept. The landscapes looked really beautiful in first teaser and locations. I’m all in

  5. This drama is all worth the wait! Love how they handle the promotion, so intriguing, so mysterious. Lee Minho always at his best in every project, and this is no exception …really can’t wait!!!

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