Fangirl Has Eyes Only for BTS at Awards Show While Completely Oblivious to Sitting Next to Song Joong Ki

This is so cute not to share, and a great reminder that not everyone fangirls the same way. Song Joong Ki attended this past week’s awards ceremony to receive the President’s Award along with his Descendants of the Sun costar Song Hye Kyo. All the attention was on these two top Hallyu stars who also elevated a pan-Asia hit drama and launched a dating ship for certain drama fans. But there were other recipients of awards that night and one particularly industrious and ardent fan armed with a mega lens SLR camera found herself with eyes only for idol group BTS and was completely oblivious to the fact that she was sitting right next to Song Joong Ki. She was so enthralled and focused on snapping pictures of her BTS oppas she caught Song Joong Ki’s attention and he leaned in to chat and ask to see her camera. Even Kwang Soo sitting behind Joong Ki seemed curious, and hilariously Song Hye Kyo sitting next to Joong Ki remained serious and solemn.


Fangirl Has Eyes Only for BTS at Awards Show While Completely Oblivious to Sitting Next to Song Joong Ki — 22 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness. I would give anything to be her. Because BTS gahhh >_<
    I totally appreciate Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, but my love for BTS trumps everything else. So I'd probably be acting the same way, haha xD

  2. She cannot be just any fangirl as she is seated in the VIP section of the awards. To be seated in front of Lee Kwang Soo and placed next to song joong ki, i would guess shes either someone very important’s daughter or relative or an invited guest/artist from overseas. She also might be someone sjk and lks already know prior as the way sjk was talking to her seems a little familiar.

  3. If you watch the VLive app, she was escorted away when the performance was done. Her real seat was obviously in the fan section in the back. She just found an empty seat up front, which hapoened to be next to SJK, and was so immersed in taking pictures of BTS she didn’t notice who she sat next to. LOL

  4. lol there’s another pic of Song Hye Kyo also leaning over and checking out her camera with Joong-ki. No one escaped the thrall of the fangirl’s camera!

    that camera must be some serious A-grade equipment if even celebs who see expensive cameras all the time are fascinated by it.

  5. She is no fan girl, she is a VIP, possibly they know each other through social interactions, come on! Its not a normal run of the mill award function, she is a vip herself or vvip’s daughter.

      • I work in events. Theres security at every level and its tightened even more at the areas where the stars are seated. Even more so with such A listers. There’s no way any random fan could hold a camera of that scale and make it into the VIP area. My guess is she’s a VIP of some sort given special permission to photograph BTS during their segment and after which escorted back to her seat towards the back since the first few rows are for celebrities only (placement of video cameras for upclose shots of stars and their reactions to be beamed on the large screen as part of program)

  6. A rather funny anecdote on a meta-level because SJK’s fans also had tickets to the ceremony and were (mostly) seated behind him a few rows back or up on the 2nd floor, staring at the back of his head or his profile, while he was chatting up with this other fan right next to him. According to those fans, security actually came up to her to escort her out during BTS’s performance but he was caught gesturing to them it was okay with him and it’s only at the of her idols’ show they took her out, which was the moment that was seen on VLive.

    And no, she was no relation or acquaintance of VIPs. The front rows where the recipients were seated were the VIP section, and the rest was open to the public (with tickets). She got a lot of flak in fandom communities because the unwritten rule is that you don’t breach security, even for your faves, unless you don’t mind being labeled a sasaeng.

  7. BTS is one of those groups that are mainly known for their music, lyrics, choreography and personality. Unfortunately, they have little presence outside of their fandom. You rarely see them on variety shows or radio shows. And they have never appeared in a TV drama.

    I hope that once Hwarang airs with V, that this will all change. They have so many meaningful songs that the public needs to hear. They all have a story to tell, but the Korean public needs to be aware of it. “Am I Wrong,” a song with social commentary on public indifference, is the perfect song for the current political scandal in Korea, and the existing politics in general. This “over-rated” group, is heavily under-rated in this world.

    Thanks to Koala for making an article about them. Even if it isn’t much, it gives them some visibility in the k-drama community. They aren’t just idols; they are musicians/young adults who voice their own opinions and give voice to their generation.

  8. Actually, SJK, was being a bit rude, the night wasn’t just about him. The powers to be, have made them seem like they were a cute couple and then SJK is distracted by someone who doesn’t even belong there? Get real. For all he knew this very aggressive person, could have been a deranged fan. Silly fellow for not being more careful. He lucked out.

  9. Its was so cool i mean because she loves the group she got the courage to get nearer and take some shots. In fairness to sjk he acted cool.? he was curious with the camera the girl was carrying. ?

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