Park Shin Hye Goes Classic Styling for Bruno Magli Event

Classic blue becomes Park Shin Hye, much like the way her year long transition into full blown adult roles and mature vibe becomes her. Park Shin Hye has been a spokes model for Bruno Magli accessories in South Korea for the last three years so her presence at a recent brand event was expected. I thought she looked graceful and beautiful but the outfit was a tad off kilter. The top was a shade too large with the open sleeves a turn off, and the diagonal button skirt classy indeed but seemed to overwhelm the look with too much material length. Park Shin Hye’s reddish brown hair color and soft style was to-die-for, and overall I’m just happy to see her strutting her confident stuff around town.


Park Shin Hye Goes Classic Styling for Bruno Magli Event — 39 Comments

  1. I definitely like her mature look. She looks prettier now that she has lost a bit of residual baby fat around her cheeks and looks fresh here. I was hoping for atleast a magazine cover with Kim Rae Won, but that’s not happening I guess.

  2. park shinhye’s agency is quite weak, that’s why despite of successful drama she does get much of exposure or media play. that’s a shame, her drama was pretty female centric ( at least the 1st half imo) and she carried it well.

  3. The thing I love about her is that she goes off enjoying things like a young person should! After her movies or dramas she does things like backpacking, traveling with friends, attending concerts,etc, just like a normal young person does. She is already doing her bucket list at her young age. I think these activities makes her a well rounded individual. So happy for her that she finished school last year and that she can focus on her career and go to the next step. Looking forward to her next projects and it will be interesting…. just read on twitter how a famous Chinese director /ZhangYiMou, of Raise The Red Lantern, wanting to work with her as well. ?

    • Zhang Yimou loves beautiful women. He groomed Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi from young actress to major stars. He has 7 kids with 4 different women…If Park Shin Hye works with him, she will be Koreans next major star along with Song Hye kyo in China.
      He is definitely one of China’s most talented director/producer. I love a great number of his movies.

  4. I think she should join another agency tbh….she’s had 3 back to back hit dramas and is doing 2 big movies and a bigger agency will be better for her.

    Maybe she can join her “friend” Lee Jong Suk at YG. They may suck with their music management but they are doing a good job of managing their actors/actresses branch.

      • “Shut up” you are on the wrong site to be rude to other readers. Please refine from such rudeness. If you like to remain rude, go to other sites that have such rudeness. Show basic respect towards others here.
        Otherwise, you will be reported. As such anti social manners are not acceptable on this site.

      • lmao how is that dragging or being clingy?
        You are the one that doing the dragging and clingy.
        It’s a joke that big agency don’t want her but you are blind so can’t see it anyways

      • Actually, @s********, a major company offered PSH a record sum to join them but due to her loyalty to her manager whom she has been with since childhood days she stayed with SALT. You’re blinded by your hatred and I don’t want to reason with you. Stick with your idols ?

  5. PSH is very loyal, she just signed a new contract with her agency last year. At least her company gives her the freedom she wants. I prefer her to be happy. So far, she has done very well without joining the big companies so why not continue.

    • Even if i’m not his fan i must say that she allways look beautiful at events . And i respect her for being openly friendly with male stars without fear of scandals. I wish my fav to be like her.

    • I personally agree, I dont think Park Shin Hye wants to be successful at the expense of losing her freedom and fun. Her family background is very down to earth. She just wants to do what she enjoys, work with a team that respects and care about her. She does not want to be another commodity for a bigger agency. Her loyalty towards friends and her agency is always most important to her. In fact, even more so compared to getting a boyfriend or being hurried to get married to someone rich.
      For all her glamorous looks, she is still a ground and sweet young lady that enchants many guys with her sincerity.

    • Oh. I so agree with this one. She always appears dowdy. But I have so much respect for her because she was never desperate to comnand attention by dressing up ridiculously or showing so much skin. It’s her girl next door image that many find appealing including myself. I think she is just an average actress yet I still adore her. There’s just something about her that I like which I can’t explain exactly what.

  6. Funny thing is, the big agencies are probably saying….DANG, we want an actor like her, she makes great PR, gets along well with her co actors, loved by directors who openly say they want her in their projects, LOYAL to boot! And She is a cash cow! Haha! She doesn’t need to be attached to anyone, in my honest opinion….a lot wants to be attached to her judging from articles I’ve read. I’m sure KRW is thankful working with her, he even said a lot of CF are now coming to him.

  7. I am surprised Koala chose such an old news of PSH to post. Her most recent appearance was in ‘Hyung’ press con and she looked prim and proper in the D&G dress. This event is even older than her Malaysian Mamonde trip.

    • As she state on her site headlines, she will talk about whatever she wants…. I am personally not bother about this news being slightly old. As I enjoy reading her articles. Some news may not be as new but she does write what she wants…

      • True. On another note I actually think the design of this shirt is suppose to be oversized. It’s a Korean designer and the brand is Recto. Their website is full of unconventional designs.

  8. i thought she looks pretty and effortless. rather my eyes were focused on her bag. unconvetional colour and not what you thought would go with her outifit.
    i oso thought she doing really well balancing her fame her love of acting and just enjoying her life and career.

    • Is this a joke of the year?
      I love YEH too but doesn’t she love to be at PSH’s place right now?
      PSH is very unique and that’s why she is where she is at in the industry in and outside Korea

    • I really don’t know where you’re coming from. In what way? If you leave a comment like this at least elaborate. YEH has gone into fashion designs and studying directing whilst PSH has and still focusing on acting.

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