Gong Yoo in New SK Broadband CF Practices Brooding Handy for Becoming the K-drama Goblin

Seeing Hyun Bin looking so dapper fine at a recent bowling event is a nice reminder that screenwriter Kim Eun Sook not only makes stars she can also take top stars and make then even more successful and popular. Binnie had one of the biggest ratings hits in K-drama history with My Name is Kim Sam Soon already under his belt, but with Secret Garden he was a worldwide star. Gong Yoo has no need for acclaim and popularity, especially this year alone with the mega hit movie Train to Busan and the second hit movie with The Age of Shadows. Nonetheless I’m stoked to see if upcoming Kim Eun Sook drama Goblin will further his drama side career since he’s not had a television hit since Coffee Prince. He’s aged so smoothly like fine wine, I hope Goblin taps into all his unique acting qualities, and if brooding is required as the immortal Goblin seeking mortality then he’s certainly primed for that based on these new SK Broadband CF pics.


The teaser drama poster for Goblin is blurry but conveys nicely the lonely soul in the countryside vibe.

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Gong Yoo in New SK Broadband CF Practices Brooding Handy for Becoming the K-drama Goblin — 3 Comments

  1. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!!! can’t wait for his drama, and to see him in my small screen after all these years, and hope his drama turns out to be a great and successful one!! 😀

  2. It’s said that K movies filming environment is much better than K drama set in general. And actors’ pay higher too? Why do all these already successful movie stars want to come back to small screen?

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