Chen Qiao En Shoots Down Absurd C-ent Rumors that She Hooked Up Young Actor Wu Lei

I thought I heard it all when it comes to far out there dating rumors but this one makes a new cake. TW-actress Chen Qiao En was forced to respond to rumors making rounds on the internet that she slept with young teen actor Wu Lei, the one who played Hu Ge‘s sidekick Fei Liu in the period drama Nirvana in Fire. Things got started when a well known Chinese gossip site anonymously posted that a famous Taiwanese actress in her 30s slept with a much younger Chinese actor, and the age gap between then was 21 years old.

Netizens got to work and zeroed in on 37 year old Chen Qiao En and 16 year old Wu Lei, without any further proof other than the blind column and pictures of the former costars goofing around a movie set and being very chummy at an awards show. Chen Qiao En laughed at this rumored and shot down the trolls, telling them only brain dead people would believe something so insane without any shred of evidence. She’s right but this serves as another reminder that gossip no matter how ridiculous can snowball unless nipped in the bud.


Chen Qiao En Shoots Down Absurd C-ent Rumors that She Hooked Up Young Actor Wu Lei — 6 Comments

  1. What a disgusting rumor. I would have been pissed if I were her, I don’t know what the laws are like in China but where I’m from, this would be a crime.

    Also, they look like an aunt and (her favorite) nephew hanging out and on top of that he looks like he’s 12 years old!! Ugh…people can be so ridiculous.

  2. Technically wish she had sued. Paedophile accusations is so bad that if you’re rumoured to be having sex with a minor- she should have sued.

    • The Chinese industry isn’t as quick to sue since there are thousands of these sites floating around and suing will only get them bad press. Better to say it your weibo and let the matter die naturally then give it life via a court case.

      One of the actors I like had a rumour of him circulating not too long ago about being gay and partaking in gay orgies. Lol.

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