First Love Tangles with Ambition in New Stills of Leads Lee Yo Won, Jin Goo, and UEE in Night Light


Things are looking very bright and cheerful with upcoming MBC drama Night Light, in contrast to the initial synopsis that it was some sort of drama about human greed and the pursuit of power. I’m totally not complaining, seeing the beaming and sweet stills of leads Lee Yo Won and Jin Goo playing the guitar on the street as a cute couple sees their first love background, which will come in handy as each moves on to build an empire (her) or take over a chaebol one (him). UEE joins the mix as the poor girl who aspires to emulate Lee Yo Won and the three leads get tangled in a mess of emotions and ambitions. Night Light comes from the PD of My Spring Days and Missing You, with the script penned by the screenwriter of Last, Temptation, and Time Between Dog and Wolf. It premieres on November 21st after Woman with a Suitcase.


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First Love Tangles with Ambition in New Stills of Leads Lee Yo Won, Jin Goo, and UEE in Night Light — 3 Comments

  1. Both Lee Yo Won and Uee look lovely here. The PD normally not in my good book while the screenwriter could be a hit or a missed. But with less interesting dramas coming up as of late, I am ready to check on this one.

  2. Is it too much to hope that the girls with have a central relationship and the romance gets pushed to the sidelines a bit? I love all three leads but with the way the plot sounds I hope the girls could remain frienemies at least.

    Looks like Lee Yo Won would be the reason why Jin Goo turns into the cold chaebol. I’m prepared to cry him already.

    Hoping this drama will come soon and score well. Hoping the writing will hold up to the end. Empire of Gold was a really good drama…as long as you were into boardroom drama. which I am so all good.

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