Kim So Hyun Cast Opposite Yoo Seung Ho in MBC Sageuk Drama Ruler: Master of the Mask

The Korean drama casting gods are determined to tap into the acclaimed young acting talent as quickly as can be, and who can blame them when the most recently pairing turned into ratings gold. Next year’s in development MBC sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask has cast 17 year old actress (18 in Korean years) Kim So Hyun opposite already cast male lead Yoo Seung Ho, himself a child actor now grown up and finished with his military service.

Yoo Seung Ho plays Joseon Crown Prince Lee Sun who takes up the fight against a powerful corrupt organization privatizing water. Kim So Hyun will be his leading lady love interest, initially seeking revenge against the crown but falling in love with the crown prince and helping him grow as a ruler of the nation. Ruler premieres in early 2017 with the PD of Shine or Go Crazy and Two Weeks behind the camera with a script by a new writer. I have no problem whatsoever with this casting, especially on the heels of how awesome Kim So Hyun was with Taecyeon in the summer supernatural drama Let’s Fight Ghost. I can’t wait to see these two beloved young actors smolder up the screen with their acting intensity in a few months.

Kim So Hyun’s casting as the leading lady of a major sageuk opposite an older male lead follows in the footsteps of Kim Sae Ron with Yoon Shi Yoon in Mirror of the Witch and the recent Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum. They’re teen actresses and not kids so the casting doesn’t bother me other than when narratively or chemistry-wise it doesn’t work. Clearly the drama watching public loved Kim Yoo Jung with Park Bo Gum in Moonlight so I can see Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun selling the viewers on their double down acting talent.


Kim So Hyun Cast Opposite Yoo Seung Ho in MBC Sageuk Drama Ruler: Master of the Mask — 15 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to this drama! Am sure the production team will make the romance part suitable with So Hyun’s age, as Moonlight’s team did to YeongOn couple. Though I initially want to see So Hyun being paired with Park Bo Gum. Ever since I saw them interacted with each other in KBS Drama Award last year. But I can’t say no to YSH-KSH pairing in Ruler! Please drama, be good~ I’ll be happily waiting for March to come~

  2. THE WORK OF THE CASTING GODS OMFGG YASS. First Kim So hyun as young Son Ye Jin in Princess Deokhye now current top child actress paired with former child actor Yoo Seung Ho. I hope this drama hits daebak <3

  3. KSH must be over the moon! I can still recall her fangirling YSH in the bts videos of Yoon Eun Hye’s ‘Missing You’. I for one am against the trend of casting teen girls as leading ladies unless it serves the storyline and is not overtly sexy as was the case with MDOC.

    • Well, The younger YEH in ” I miss you” is romancing YSH who was the obsessive lover of YEH in the same drama.! YEH !!! Even if i like you , showbiz goes on with or without you. Don’t wait too long. I’m happy for KSH very hardworking actress who has given up school for her passion.

      • Haha i smiled like a loon while reading the casting news. I have been dreaming of seeing them to be paired up since i watched that bts video. Thank you, Drana God!

  4. I love Yoo Seung Ho, I love the setup of the drama and Kim Soo Hyun is a talented actress so I’m happy and I’ll be looking forward to her pairing with Yoo Seung Ho!! I wish for the drama to be good as it looks and successfull!! 🙂

  5. Love Yoo Seung-Ho. Love the story of the battle over water. Not happy with the female lead – Kim So-Hyun. I can already hear netizen complaints about her dress being too revealing, or other such complaints. Yoo Seung-Ho is a young man. We were so waiting for him to come out of the military and have adult roles – but not to be paired with a teen; She should stick to youth drama until she is of age.

    • where? I hadn’t seen those complaints of her wearing dress that are too revealing. Anyways, you shouldn’t worry about her being the main female lead for she can handle it ’cause she is matured-looking for her age and she is a great actress tho. If you’re not happy then don’t be bother to watch it. They have a great chemistry btw.

  6. This is a casting dream come true for me and my dongsaeng who once said In an interview that she would love to work with her sunbae yoo seung ho.

    I’m gonna count the days but I get to see her hanbok in goblin (cameo) first

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