Goblin Gong Yoo Goes From Battle Warrior to Modern Gentleman in Latest Drama Teaser

I thought screenwriter Kim Eun Sook was taking on a lot with her expansive medical disaster zone romance drama Descendants of the Sun, now it looks like she was just warming up for larger scale set pieces in upcoming fantasy drama Goblin. The stills and teasers so far have been melancholy and contemplative for the most part, whatever character or narrative intensity has been shown in a pensive way.

This latest preview is a cannon shot of action, showing goblin Gong Yoo in period costume fighting a bloody battle wearing armor and wielding a sword. The voiceover says he’s both darkness and light, and has been living for a long time like this. He meets Kim Go Eun‘s high school student in the present and she calls him out for being a goblin, claiming she can see the supernatural. She says that in two hundred years she will be his bride, and the subtitle says that only the goblin’s bride can pull out the sword. Interesting, interesting indeed.

Action teaser for Goblin:


Goblin Gong Yoo Goes From Battle Warrior to Modern Gentleman in Latest Drama Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. I enjoyed a lot of DOTS but actually didn’t think the narrative flowed that well probably because there were two writers. Much as her dramas are often cheesy or cliched, they are also usually never boring and she paces the story very well. I’m actually interested to see what she does with this drama.

  2. OH MYYYYYYY, Gong Yoo looks AWESOME in the periode costume!! why didn’t we see him in one before?!! and the look in his eyes!! that was SO INTENSE!! *fangirlingmode* and the female lead can see that he’s a Goblin and she’s the only one who can pull out the sword (as his to be bride)?!! that’s interesting!!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know……. I really didn’t! We finally get to see Gong Yoo in sageuk glory!?????? I am making sounds only dogs can hear. This is my dream come true! YES!

  4. Well play Gong Yoo-ssi…
    Now I understand why he went with this character for he TV comeback,especially with the year he had in the movies. This character is like an onion is very layer and complex, is even giving him the opportunity to play sageuk and sport a mane of glory to match.

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