Two Sets of Goblin OTP Present Contrasting Charms in New Drama Stills


Gosh, both sets of OTP in upcoming fantasy drama Goblin certainly are looking mighty cute together. Well, the main leads Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are more professor and student cute, and I mean that not as a taboo teacher-student romance and more Rex Harrison professor in My Fair Lady with his pygmalion Eliza Doolittle. The 900 year old immortal Goblin and a modern day high school student, he’s basically older than her by centuries so the age difference quibble just doesn’t work here lol. On the contrasting side is super dark and emo Lee Dong Wook as the amnesiac grim reaper encountering sultry Yoo In Na on a bridge and both are shooting intense looks at each other. I can already feel the burgeoning chemistry between them, and knowing screenwriter Kim Eun Sook she’ll give them a compelling romance line of their own.



Two Sets of Goblin OTP Present Contrasting Charms in New Drama Stills — 9 Comments

  1. This obsession with high school romance, I hope this trend ends soon, this is so disturbing and icky. And Kim Go Eun looks cute but she can pass as a 21-22 year old college student, no way a high school student. Otherwise, picture perfect together.

    • agree that KGE looks like college age. But the trend of high school romance will continue, there are always younger K-drama watchers, you may not know them coz you are getting older, but young people exists… we are still reading animes… lol…

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