Girl Power Plays Take Center Stage in Drama Posters and Teasers for MBC’s Night Light

There’s an odd vibe I’m getting from upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Night Light which feels like the drama is about the two female leads and the male leads is the third wheel. The drama is billed as a power trip of sorts where the two female leads are striving to climb the wealth and power ladder and both get tangled up with the reluctant chaebol heir male lead. The synopsis is as straightforwardly K-drama makjang as it gets and the just released drama posters are nothing to write home about. But so far all the teasers have me curious about the chemistry and push-and-pull with rich Lee Yo Won and poor UEE, with poor Jin Goo totally the wallflower so far in the promos. I’m sure the three leads and whatever dysfunctional love triangle will make sense, however convoluted, but right now I’m rooting for the female leads to have their happy ending, maybe with each other who knows?

Previews for Night Light:


Girl Power Plays Take Center Stage in Drama Posters and Teasers for MBC’s Night Light — 8 Comments

    • Okay…watchint the trailer and looking at the poster and photos I guess everyone is looking at each other for varying reasons. Yewon sees something in Uee and is grooming her, Uee wants Jin Goo, and Jin Goo only sees Yewon. That sounds like trouble because Uee could flip on Yewon.

  1. OK, I sorta agree with you Koala about girls power. These two female leads had too strong presence in their prior projects to overlook. It does not seem to be an option for any still ambitious actresses to stay on sidelines even the male lead has rising popularity. But I want to see Jin Goo more with more meaty parts in the plot. I had enough of all these veteran actresses/actors stealing thunder from younger and promising stars. Should not have Midas or K2 on repeat.

    • “I had enough of all these veteran actors stealing thunder from younger and promising stars.”

      I don’t get this… Jin Gu is the same age as Lee Yo-won though. He’s a veteran actor if you consider Lee Yo-won as one too. And to be brutally honest, Jin Gu is like a “nouveau riche”, whereas LYW is a “vieux riche”. I’m personally not a huge fan of JG, because DotS despite its hype was really difficult (cringeworthy) to watch. I’m happy with LYW and UEE taking the spotlight. Having womance as a focal point is definitely more appealing.

      • Jin Goo is considered a de facto fresh rising star thanks to DotS. Unlike LHW who has been an established female lead since long ago at her early stage of acting career, he was invisible to k drama audience and a non factor in the acting department most of the time throuhout his acting career. As to DotS, while some drama fans do not have high regard for the drama, I enjoy the watching experience most among all the 2016 dramas so far, like the majority of k drama fans. So we have to agree it is just your personal preference regarding DotS. I think JG did a great job nailing his role along with the rest of fhe cast in DotS. I hope to see him have a real career take off post DotS.

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