The Mermaid and Her Conman Settle into the Seoul Narrative as Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 4 Ratings Hits 17.1%

The ratings tide is headed in the right and upward direction for Legend of the Blue Sea, and rightly so as I liked this week’s two episodes more than the action heavy character thin episode 2. While the competition remained steady in the low single digits, Legend rose again in episode 4 to hit 17.1% AGB nationwide, a good sign for a drama with such big star leads, hotshot screenwriter, and astronomical expectations. The quibbles with the recent two episodes remain this odd sense that I’m watching events unfold without context. Many dramas treat audiences like idiots, with too much exposition when we can see what is happening without needing to be explicitly told. Here there is too little contextual plating so I actually want some exposition even if it’s clunky. Help me understand why Shim Chung loves Jae Joon already – their past Joseon era love, him taking care of her in the present – and then all will be good with me because I still am luxuriating my eyeballs in the pretty.


The Mermaid and Her Conman Settle into the Seoul Narrative as Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 4 Ratings Hits 17.1% — 27 Comments

  1. Competition is steady in the low digits but with an upward trajectory. Given the warm response of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju, I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues that trend. It may not get double digits but rising against a Mammoth is quite impressive. About this show, I don’t know, I can’t decide, there’s nearly zero plot progression to be honest and there’s this strange detachment. It still is funny and JJH and LMH are both doing excellent but that sense of detachment I feel from the story as a whole is still not going away. Perhaps with a few more episode, its a 20 episode drama after all.

    • Exactly. No emotional attachment. My take is probably due to no flesh-out characteristic on the mermaid and a little on Joon Jae.
      I have said enough and wish to not say more and hurting those who love this drama. It’s all about preference after all.
      I still enjoy the Joseon plot, and I like LMH here. The role is not challenging him as an actor but not letting JJH stealing his thunder as what she did with KSH is consider an achievement. And not forget to mention that he is mighty handsome here.
      Congrats with the ratings increase!

      • “Not letting JJH stealing his thunder as she did with KSH…” errrr, that’s a delusional comment considering every 9/10 comment in all Korean articles are talking about how gorgeous JJH. In fact, there’s hardly anything about the plot being talked about, knetz just say how pretty JJH is unlike in YFAS where there’s just as much fangirling over Do Min Joon as there was for Cheon Song Yi. So… I dunno what the heck you are talking about but okay…

      • Wow…that some harsh words calling people delusional just because she does not share the same opinion with you.
        I agree with @Nifty. There is the balance in term of JJH and LMH performance that in no way I as viewer feel completely immersed by JJH performance alone and still can feel the presence of LMH. KSH partially benefited from the stronger plot and characterization of DMJ though the larger credits given to JJH. If just raving over JJH beauty is the one you want to highlight here, ok…i understand why the heck you could not get what being commented in the first place.

      • @meemee
        LOL. I was and am of sound mind when I made that comment.
        My personal view on a drama obviously not be the same with yours and since there are others who share the same opinion, thank goodness apparently I am not delusional and you probably could figured out what the heck I was talking about.
        Get a grip of yourself and be open-minded over others comments and point of view.

  2. It’s kind of amusing this show is not SBS’ best rated weekday show, though. There is no denying the ratings are good, but I guess expectations were super high. It also just doesn’t seem to have the buzz of previous high rated shows this year.

    • Its because the mermaid is old! This is the only time Ive seen a mid 30 something year old actress play an innocent mermaid normally played by teens or early twenties. However you hype JJH as beautiful, she cant escape the laws of time, you can even see her wrinkles, not fresh young looking lady anymore. The writer of this story is too hungry for star studded casting, escaping reality, but all about perks and fancies, too concerned her drama will flop, she/he needed to sign big actors, Good luck to this!

  3. All of them seems abit lacluster, from acting to directing. So it’s not only the writing. God even if the story is abit repititive, I really hope they insert some passion to the drama so I can feel it.

  4. The story is one of the best I have seen in drama land knetizen complain about no plot but funny enough the plot start rolling in and they are liking it…people complain too much about this drama and I think is a way of saying we hate you because you getting popular I wish the show the best.

    • Why so sensitive to criticism, drama by nature is meant to draw attention whether positive or negative. If its okay to love it and express that opinion, its completely valid to do the opposite as well. The banal statements made by some very passionate fans of the actors involved in this drama or the drama itself who don’t wish to acknowledge or accept any sort of criticism, is tiring for us viewers too who watch from a neutral point of view and wish to like it more. If you can’t accept criticism, you could too stop reading them. That’s one way to look at it.

    • My gosh, 2016 is almost over and there are people who still think that way.

      Anyway, fangirling over LMH again after 7 years! I love his character, just a kind heart man with I don’t care about his super-multi talent (at least for me)

  5. Loving it so far.
    About the mermaid already in love with Junjae, I think because his always coming back for her and showing small acts of kindness towards her made her fall for him. There are dramas where male leads are complete assholes towards females but they end up falling for male lead anyway. So this is acceptable for me.

  6. yeah this weeks eps were far better and i did enjoy it, mostly enjoyed ji hyun in ep 3 and ep 4 was nice. so far its an easy breezy watch but nothing that hoks and sweeps me away.but i agree there needs to be a balance with using exposition, and here its far too little but maybe since they have 20 eps they are taking their time really jumping into the story, maybe 16 eps would have been better for a tighter narrative. also i think the mermaid is like a puppy who got attached to lee min ho’s character since his the first to meet her and take care of her, but even then i would have liked more better development as far as her feelings are concerned, she is already getting jealous. also they need to work on the supporting character, i feel like they are lacking

  7. I hope the kid from big gets to say some more words. He was sleeping most part of big and it looks like he do not talk that much in this.

  8. I love love the drama it so deserves to be a hit. But I can’t stand jjh over acting….. She looks like lmh ”s mother.
    Mermaids are supernatural creatures with mesmerizing beauty… Jjh with her average look on her best day can’t make a convincing mermaid.
    Her acting is cringe worthy too… Lmh is this dramas only saving grace.

  9. I don’t think she really “loves” him. In episode 2, she asked him what love is and he simply explained that love is surrendering and just believing the other person. She just associate love with this feelings without really knowing what love truly means.

  10. @gem I think you are the one being sensitive here am giving you advice since you are neutral and the drama is giving you problem then don’t watch it ..end of sentence

  11. I agree, there is almost no context. And when I keep wondering why this, why that, the singer’s voice suddenly shouts to enlighten me: “This is love story… This is amazing…” Oh, well… I’m totally brainwashed…
    But, seriously, why the creature has no other interests in her mermaid life, apart from stalking and falling in love with the first man she sees? That is actually the most annoying part.
    This drama is quite silly, but I like the comedy scenes/lines.

  12. So much criticism and some viewers are a bit too harsh on this drama it is so tiring lol besides this is the 4th episode and the plot is picking up,i am very positive this drama Will be a hit and we will see lots of character development in the future.
    Lee min ho is so good and jun hi hyun is amazing,i don’t get people that say they don’t have chemistry. and koala I think the mermaid is not really in love with him yet but still just having a crush,she is still vulnerable to the world and trusts a lot and can we please stop comparing it to dots they are two very different dramas and i don’t mind if it does not reach dots ratings Lotbs is a light hearted drama and i completely trust the writer’s ability to not disappoint.

  13. Well the city con man and his lover from descendant of the another sea, maybe not really wow in story line,but it still fun for me,I can feel lmh more comfort in this drama,and I think they chemistry more mature than heir and my love from the another star. So don’t be surprise to something intimate than before.

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