New Drama Stills for Goblin Show Shawdowy Lee Dong Wook and Cameo by Kim So Hyun and Kim Min Jae

Upcoming tvN fantasy drama Goblin is either playing the long con or the smart tease with me, and I definitely prefer it to be the latter. The days drama press conferences are held mere days or even hours before the drama airs but Goblin is still a week away from airing and the photogenic cast already met the press and released an epic teaser to whet the appetite. There’s not much to build on top of what has been a successful promo circuit with the only worry that the drama peaked the interest too early without immediate gratification. Goblin airs this coming Friday on December 2nd, with promises of Gong Yoo with a sword and a sitcom cohabitation bromance with Lee Dong Wook. There’s also two cameos right off the bat with Kim So Hyun and Kim Min Jae doing their young adult best in sageuk roles.


New Drama Stills for Goblin Show Shawdowy Lee Dong Wook and Cameo by Kim So Hyun and Kim Min Jae — 16 Comments

  1. I wa waiting for this drama since the second Gong Yoo was confirmed and I’m so happy that the waiting is almost over!! Please drama don’t break my hopes for you!!

  2. I am so curious bout kim so hyun’s character (other than she obviously being the queen).. what’s her relation with kim shin (gong yoo’s character)?
    what do you think guys? is it some kind of romance? aaaaah so frustating..

    • GY’s character talks about his first love in the teaser. KSH’s character could possibly be that person but there’s a scene where GY is over someone’s grave in modern time, which I think is the grave of his first love. If that’s the case KSH can’t be the first love he’s talking about. I feel like KSH could potentially be an actual family member like a daughter since the king orders the death of GY’s and his family .

      • That would be illogic since the grave he visited is in Quebec (if I didn’t get it wrong). But of KSH really played GY first love….man it’s creepy how the Koreans are obsessing over love story with a minor this year and they also made KGE a high schooler.

      • but we still don’t know whose grave it is.. it’s still unsure too

        well well we’ll get the answer on december 2nd, let’s be patient with that

    • I’m actually curious about KSH role as well. One of the still, from the angle has her looking at GY character and from the teaser, she did get shot.

      So I am curious as well as to see what her connection is to GY character. And if there is a connection she has to KGE character, if there is a reincarnation trope going to go into the fray.

  3. My body is ready for shadowy Lee Dong Wook. :=)))) But actually can’t wait for drama overall(bromance, secondary romance, womance, flashbacks look interesting as well).Goblin, come sooner!

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