Jeon Ji Hyun Shows Her Mermaid Goals in BTS Filming Video for Legend of the Blue Sea


I don’t know if I’m the only one fascinated by how realistically beautifully the mermaid swimming scenes are in Legend of the Blue Sea. If anything it shows the commitment of the director in creating the most enchanting shots coupled with how game leading lady Jeon Ji Hyun is in swimming in waters both salty and saline. The BTS is out showing how the mermaid in the ocean scenes are captured and the crew really did make the most of its overseas shoot in Spain.

Jeon Ji Hyun spends her mermaid scenes wearing a genuine mermaid tail albeit a green screen and CGI rigged one that allows the golden scales overlay to be added later, but she really is swimming with her legs in a tail suit so immense kudos to her for making it look effortless and beautiful. She definitely reaffirms her reputation for being the goddess goals for all women, and does so with hard work that’s indisputable and super commendable.

Legend of the Blue Sea Mermaid Making of BTS:


Jeon Ji Hyun Shows Her Mermaid Goals in BTS Filming Video for Legend of the Blue Sea — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t understand how a human can be so freaking gorgeous. No matter her hairstyle, clothes, makeup, she still looks like a goddess.

    Btw, what’s the difference between salty and saline lol.

  2. That is the level of physical fitness she has, to be able to swim under water like with the feet, legs tied together. Sigh! This woman makes me really want to exercise regularly each day committed, not the manner in which I do yoga half heartedly at times because it’s painful. The manner in which she moves, she’s ought to be using her ab core . It’s amazing just after few months of giving birth. Genes n hard work!

    Just today I saw another video of the actress in my wife is having an adviser this week going on ballistic on her husband’s lovers. The bts video has her doing that swing turn kick twist n landing on her heels coolly , I wanted to run off n and in some martial art classes to get that agility. Sigh! Its ye ji won, the actress. Can’t post the link but it’s on soompi forum, pg 53 or 54.

    • She acctually do yoga and expert. She show her yoga skill in another oh hae young. Back then I do yoga then stop but now I do it everyday and in those advances pose wish is hard but worthed. So salute to jjh for exciding her albility.

  3. It’s winter already in Korea and I guess we won’t get to see her swimming as a mermaid that much anymore. At least not in the ocean since the weather must be so freezing.

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