Park Shin Hye Inducted into Korea Food for the Hungry International Philanthropy Club For Charitable Donations

Park Shin Hye may be an all grown up right child actress with nearly two decades in the entertainment industry but her personal convictions are truly commendable despite working superficial surroundings. Park Shin Hye has just been inducted into the Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI)’s Philanthropy Club, becoming the 36th inductee after donating over the years over 100 million won (around $85,000 US dollars). She’s been involved with the organization for many years now, becoming the goodwill ambassador in 2011 and traveling overseas for missions to combat child hunger. I’m glad she’s getting acknowledged for her charitable endeavors as well as drawing attention to this organization.


Park Shin Hye Inducted into Korea Food for the Hungry International Philanthropy Club For Charitable Donations — 13 Comments

  1. Park Shin Hye, very caring, humble, and down to earth, never forgets the most need. Her Shin Hye’s Center in Ghana that help with feeding, schooling, access to high technology true a digital library, and healthcare to children in need change the whole village and the mentality of the villagers for better. Through her love, many that are/were forgotten and ignored by the world, are dreaming now, with hope for a shine tomorrow and survival.
    Keep spreading the word , so others can follow her actions, so we can have children for all backgrounds with the basic human right and care as any other human being. We love you Shin Hye, we adore you , do not ever change unless is for better, and we know you are always trying your best. God bless you , we are constantly praying for you and your love ones. You are well protect. Enjoy live the way you choose too.

    • Already reached more than one country. She is also building a Shin Hye’s center in Philippines, and helped Nepal and more people in need within South Korea and other countries. Park Shin Hye is an actress/philanthropist. Many times the proceeds from her public activities go into charities organizations.

  2. LJS aka ‘boyfriend’ also donated some amount of money to UNICEF and involved in a campaign to stop child abuse. Good to know that they are very charitable and able to set good examples to other people despite being celebrities.

  3. Yes, started watching TH because of the LMH fame but ended up really liking her more. She not only seemed lovable to fans but to her co workers as well. Reading about how proceeds from fan activities, meetings, merchandise goes back to her charities is quite awesome! For her acting, there is something about her that draws audience well….anyone seen her in Cute or Crazy? Or when she hosted that variety show, Fantastic Partner? No wonder her last drama partner mentioned about her being the choice of a lot of actors to costar with! Hope her movie continues to do well and looking forward for her 2017 projects……crossing fingers , with Kim Soo Hyun this time! But knowing PSH, she will choose something surprising instead and make it just like Doctors, a hit!

  4. She’s truly an angel without wings. Usually these charitable activities of hers are not a one time deal but an ongoing endeavor. Her KHFI, her donations to her high school, family yearly activity of feeding the hungry and giving out briquettes to the elderly. Truly commendable indeed.

  5. That’s why I like her, she is well grounded, her parents must be very proud of her,they brought her up well ,whoever she will end up marrying will be a lucky guy. I always support the products she endorses, recently bought a lot of mamonde lipstick , my Christmas gift to friends and family.

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