Legend of the Blue Sea Hits Ratings High of 18.9% for Episode 6

Slow and steady is the trajectory of SBS Wed-Thurs drama Legend of the Blue Sea, with both ratings and narrative pacing. Today’s episode 6 hit 18.9% AGB nationwide, a nice bump up from episode 5, and especially notable considering the competition remains mired in the low single digits of 5.5% for My Love Geum Bi and 4.6% for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. If the drama got more cohesive and digged deeper into the two leads emotional connection I could see if breaking 20% next week, but right now the drama continues to be good but not great. The editing is at times distracting with how choppy it is, but the visual beauty smooths over those edges. Lee Min Ho‘s Joon Jae continues to calmly attractive but there’s not much for Jeon Ji Hyun to work with in how her mermaid Shim Chung is crafted so she’s selling it on pure charisma alone. Maybe when the romance takes off the two can further buoy the interesting elements of this drama.


Legend of the Blue Sea Hits Ratings High of 18.9% for Episode 6 — 41 Comments

  1. I am rather enjoying it – just for watching JJH. 🙂 I thought ep 6 epilogue was rather hilarious. I think it would be better if they sped up the pace about 10 fold, but even so, its just enough for me to come back for more.

  2. I like this episode. The best so far and it gave me such a good laugh during the entire episode. I was never sold by LMH doing comedy (always find him stiff in this genre) but his Joon Jae is so adorable and LMH is smoking hawt in here and his English ascent is cute. The flying kick scene, the drama reenacting at the epilogue and the skiing incident really gave me a fun watch and for once, I never felt bothered to skip the modern section of this drama. Enjoying LOTBS and hope the ratings pick up next week.

  3. It’s not even good yet, it’s just okay…. If there is no mistery surrounding the drama, the drama will loose it’s a appeal. And I might be in the minority, but the acting is lacking… Jeon Ji Hyun is very lackluster so far, not even bothering to add depth to the character and overact treat it as a fluff drama (well it seems she is realising it from the start). Lee Min Ho at least trying. I really hope PD scold the star who aren’t bothering to act. the supporting char too, please act well..

    • In no way is that she was not trying. She was not given enough materials to work with, being given a character that is lacking of depth and she just had to pull that fish-out-of the water antics just to prove that she is a mermaid. While I do agree that JJH can be a bit OTT but I don’t believe a second that she was not committed. We all watched that BTS where she swims beautifully in the mermaid suit with her legs tied – if that is not commitment, then idk what is.
      This episode is a satisfying watch especially for LMH, when his character finally stepped up the game and taken the center plot.
      I say that LOTBS is meant for relax and fun watch.

      • when the scene require more subtle acting, she is not deliver. in other words, she make her character more like a caricature. She is not like this in a movie

      • well when I think about it, after what she had went through about her willingness to act in a cold water…. Maybe it’s because of that? She is too tired to even bring soul to the character.

      • I get your opinion. May be to some viewers and in this case is you, she happened to overact at certain scene and underacted when she is required. I am not JJH fan as I was also annoyed by the earlier slapstick moments by the mermaid but assuming that she is not trying is a little unfair. But your later opinion is really appreciated.

  4. You complain a lot koala lol but legend of the blue sea is so good and it’s getting better by each episode,everything is finally falling into place and the comedy is pure gold.
    And omg Lee min ho “discursting shit” and the epilogue LMAO.

    • first, RDTK started before LOTBS

      second: Koreans love Makjang doctor dramas

      Third: Lets wait till the ending…and see who had the average highest ratings

      fourth: You guys are hypocrites. when a show you guys like are doing well ratings wise, it is because it is a good show.

      but if a show you guys do not like is doing well rating wise then it is because Koreans have shitty taste in dramas.

      Fifth: Star power does not guarantee drama success, you can ask hyun bin about that.

      • Talking about “hypocrites” , first if this drama was with low key actors it will never have reach theses ratings, second some people tend to be more kind with some stars . For example if it was a project with Yoon Eun Hye or Han Ji Min,it would have be considered as a failure due to the ratings of the previous work of the production!!! Third, i’m sure that they were waiting for better results considering the star power Of both leads.

    • It has a higher Seoul rating and same national ratings at through the first 6 episodes. As well as higher average ratings so far. RDTK just had a episode with the second highest rated episode all year after the DOTS on it’s 8th episode, so that doesn’t mean LOTBS is doing bad at all, it’s just RDTK seems to be doing extremely well. Doctor themed dramas though have been a trend since last year, hence maybe that helped it.

    • At least I don’t fall asleep as when I watched RDTK. Korean taste not necessarily dictate whether the drama is good or not. We all have different preference.

      • when did anyone here criticize RDTK?

        I Like RDTK and i am currently watching, i love the two lead actors.

        But if a show is making you sleep then is it not the best for you to drop it. Instead of going to every article about the show and shit talking it

      • What is that with you?

        I am puzzled whether you have difficulty understanding English. I am enjoying LOTBS and I have fun watching instead of falling asleep as when I watched RDTK. RDTK may be qualitatively good but just not my cup of tea.

      • Sorry ! I mean disagree with @Cathz .if RDTK is so boring do as i did with LOBS : Don’t bother on Watching it.

      • @Cahill – No worry. I am dropping it after this week’s episode. Since the earlier comment by @Tim relating to RTDK, so I mentioned my preference here that LOTBS so far is a fun watch for me whereas RTDK, though critically lauded, happened to put me to sleep. I did not like the earlier episodes of LOTBS but thankfully, I stay put cause episode 6 is gold.

      • to @cathz I have no worries everyone has their own tastes. I let down LOBS because it has the same effect on me as RDTK on you but you saying that ep6 was good i feel that i should give it another try. Who knows! Only idiots can’t change their mind . Sorry if i was mean . Really.

      • @Cahill – No worry. Not offended at all. My attachment to this drama is mediocre. LOL. And it does not feature any of my fave actors but I like LMH in here.

    • @tim – you really cannot compare the ratings unless they are in the same time slot!! Why don’t you add up all the ratings for Mon-Tues to see if it is higher than the Wed-Thurs dramas?!

  5. I’m sorry as much as i adore JJH, i’m dissappointed by this drama.
    Coming from such well known writer and superb casts. This drama is just filled with beatiful faces and awesome shots from the pd.
    Story and acting wise, i feel like Geum Bi is superior even with much less known actors.

  6. All of you talking about ratings need to stop. The drama is only on episode 6 I mean chill. If its up to 16 episodes the it has about 10 episodes to double on its ratings. Also star power almost NEVER equates to ratings. Suzy & KWB anyone? It’s the acting and story line that matters and so far in LOTBS the leads are doing well. LMH is adorable and his teen version actor is Amazing. I expect to see more serious acting with JJH in the latter half of the drama. Episode 6 already foreshadows keeping someone memory and loving them even if it hurts.The story will switch from comedy to melo. You just need patience. This is the problem with who are accustomed to fast paced environments. You forget to wait and slowly enjoy the moments provided for you.

  7. I love Joon Jae’s modern house in Seoul, specifically the attic guest room for the mermaid. I wish my house had that kinda charming design. LOL

    I’ve rarely felt bored of LMH’s dramas except for the Heirs. Nice! After this, I’ll wait for KSH’s comeback, and then SJK…hahaha..2016-2017 drama goddess must be good to me.

  8. Oh Mine! Why do ppl always argue about ratings? Does anyone live in S. Korea and in the production team of any dramas? The ratings have nothing to do with how we international fans can or can not enjoy a drama unless the ratings threaten the run of a series like the case for Beautiful Mind. Otherwise, forget about all the futile debate about the ratings. Basically, how we enjoy a drama depends on many factors. Our personal taste and preference to certain cast, specifically the leading cast, perhaps is the key factor for us to DECIDE if we like the drama or not. I got it! I saw fans raving about dramas of dismal ratings b/c their biases were in there. And there are always ppl dissing dramas of high ratings such as DotS. Me for example, were indifferent to the two doctor dramas (Doctors and RTDK) since I do not like particular actresses. (Fans, I’m being honest with my own taste. Don’t tackle me like a bunch football players or preach me with a long ass essay. LOL) So, what’s the big deal about ratings to us i fans? From my perspectives as an i fan, ratings are just an indication of the current K drama market trend. Ratings are not necessarily to do with all the objective factors such as screenplay, directing, shooting, editing, artistic design, and THE CAST, etc. etc..

    • I can understand being worried if low ratings for a good series mean it ends up getting cut, or (more often) limiting the opportunities offered to the cast afterwards. But you’re right, they really shouldn’t affect any international fans’ enjoyment of the show otherwise.

    • I enjoyed many highly rated dramas such as DotS and YAfAS, also dramas with decent ratings but not a hit such as City Hunter and On the Way to the Airport,etc., as well as rating fiasco like Beautiful Mind. How I like a drama just appears to be so random in terms of rating statistics. But from my perspectives and my personal taste, all these dramas mentioned above are very good and extremely entertaining to watch. On the other hand, highly acclaimed dramas such as Misaeng and Singal never work for me. They are extremely boring to me; but it doesn’t mean they’re not good. Can we differentiate between personal taste and objective assessment?

      • Aw I forgot to mention IIjima that is one of my all time faves. And since I like LJK as an actor, I always tried to watch his dramas. Even ppl are disappointed at Moon Lovers, I still enjoyed the watching experience most of the time except for ouuuuch..THE ZOOM IN EDITING….hahahahahhaahaha

    • For me , ratings are important even if i’m an i fan . Why ? If dramas i don’t like are success , kdrama market is going to produce a bunch of them ( like Hollywood ) and i wouldn’t get my fix of dramas that i enjoy.

      • Your concern won’t change anything in S. Korea. What we like or not as an international viewer (with exception of Chinese viewers) doesn’t have much bearing on the production quality of K drama anyway. We have no significant impact.

  9. Hilarious! Breath taking scenes! Much awaiting episode. I love the chemistry of these two, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. At first, you can feel the awkwardness on them in the 1St episode but as time goes by the chemistry is blending to each other. I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. More blessings to come!!

  10. this drama is dope… really enjoying every bit of it! whether it’s high in ratings or not i enjoy dramas that make me feel good! LMH and JJH are killing it… thumbs up guys!

    • LOL..accidentally hit the button before even finishing.

      then my instinct predicts that the rating will break 20% very soon.

  11. well I guess this blogger complains a lot whenever she does not feel the actors. As I have observerd she has her own biases and most of the time not being able to be open to other dramas which are not her type. Who am I to complain? this is her blog anyway – as long as i am enjoying the drama a lot ,this kind of negativity will not lessen my hype

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