Lee Je Hoon Brings the Beer and Christmas Mood in December Pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes


I’m not a Lee Je Hoon fan but am loving this December holiday themed pictorial he did for L’Officiel Hommes Korea. When magazines fly stars overseas for location shoots but don’t fully take advantage of the shoot, I want to tell them to just do it in a studio but be visually creative and it’ll be more intriguing and save some money. Or do as this pictorial did and have it so fully sponsored by Belgian beer brand Stella Artois it’s basically a CF masquerading as a pictorial. Luckily Lee Je Hoon is so dapper and handsome the overwhelming product placement of the beer becomes charmingly self-aware. If he’s an holiday elf bringing wagons of Stella Artois then I’ll leave the door open for him.


Lee Je Hoon Brings the Beer and Christmas Mood in December Pictorial for L’Officiel Hommes — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve only seen him in Signal (still watching) and I was extremely surprised at how much he overacted sometimes to the point of breaking my immersion in a scene.

    I’m interested to see how he acts in a rom-com or romantic kdrama though. I know he has been filming one recently.

    • @Deb – yeah, that was a commonly reported issue people had with his (over) acting, even on other websites which are basically Lee Je Hoon Fans Central. It’s like you said, he broke my immersion in a scene. But he got better as the series went on, though of course not in the league of Jo Jin Woong or Kim Hye Soo.

      I’ll be interested to see how he does in a romcom too. His costar in Tomorrow With You is Shin Min Ah who is great at romcoms so I hope he can match her.

    • He is good in Architecture 101, imo. But agree, I was turned off after 30 minute run of ep 1, mostly to do with his theatrical acting and never went back to watch the drama again after several attempts of the same experience. LOL

    • I don’t 100% blame him for it at the beginning of the show because from what I’ve read, it was the direction he was given. It’s why I think he improved in the later episodes (one of the perks of liveshooting actually) he was able to take in the criticism and adjust his performance. Unfortunately I think he returned to it a bit in the final episodes, so maybe it is a weakness of his. It’s weird because Signal was the first thing that I saw him in & made me fall in love with him, but looking back with a fresh mind I can definitely see some of the weaker points of his performance that I couldn’t see before. Fortunately, through his interviews, I’ve come to know that he is very humble about his acting abilities and always seeking opportunities to improve. And his response to the criticism he got for Signal made me gain a lot of respect for him actually.

      I see a lot of potential in him, so I hope his next project is successful and shows that he’s grown. On a side note, I’ve been told that his film roles are actually a better representation of his work and show him at his best.

      • If you like him in Signal, definitely you should check him up in Architecture 101. He’s the best actor in that film, imo.

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