Song Hye Kyo and the Dyson Supersonic Make a Fine Pair in New CF

I’m not sure what the real takeaway is from Song Hye Kyo‘s newest ad campaign for the super hi-tech Dyson hair dryer the Supersonic. I know it’s supposed to be how awesome and ahhhhmazing this newfangled hair dryer is supposed to be, but I think it’ll end up being how Song Hye Kyo embodies hair goals and no one will look like her even with the same four hundred dollar hair dryer.

With the success of Kim Eun Sook‘s second drama in a row in 2016, Goblin tries on a whole new wardrobe from Descendants of the Sun but somehow I doubt Goblin female lead Kim Go Eun has the chance to hit popularity daebak with her role the way Song Hye Kyo did in DotS. Dr. Kang Mo Yeon wasn’t perfectly written but was spirited and smart enough to make her a winning role and a solid win for Song Hye Kyo. I’m glad her hair during DotS wasn’t as long as it is now, too much hair flowing in a disaster zone is a no no.


Song Hye Kyo and the Dyson Supersonic Make a Fine Pair in New CF — 25 Comments

  1. KGE isn’t as pretty as SHK that’s why. She has been cast in two popular dramas in 2016 but still isn’t able to hit it big.

  2. I really hope she will the Daesang in the upcoming KBS Drama Awards. Among the DOTS actors, she’s the one who captivated me the most. Her breakdown scene during the earthquake and YSJ’s death for me are the highlights of DOTS.

  3. this is a hard sale for Dyson. I would prefer to have a personal hairstylist to style my hair (like in the third and fourth pics)… a hair dryer is nothing, a hair stylist is… if he comes free with Dyson… LOL…

  4. “[B]ut I think it’ll end up being how Song Hye Kyo embodies hair goals and no one will look like her even with the same four hundred dollar hair dryer.”
    True. The last thing I think of while looking at her CF is the famous hair dryer. All I can see is her beauty.

  5. I want that 400 dollars hair dryer but i’m not that rich. I bought Dyson bladeless fan tho, and it’s good product.

    Song Hyegyo is pretty, water is wet, etc etc. I envy K-actresses and female idols’ hair, how come they are looking so smooth and glossy with constant coloring?

  6. What’s with the comment about Kim Go Eun??? This article has nothing to do with her. Kim Go Eun is an amazing actress, but she’s still quite new to dramaworld. Give her a couple more years and we’ll see where she goes. I can’t believe you’re comparing the two, a veteran against a relatively new face. Why do you even need to compared in the first place?

  7. Dr. KMY wasn’t perfectly written but still the best written heroine among all the K dramas I’ve watched. That’s one of the major reasons why I love DotS, not b/c of my bias SJK, but the character of KMY. Only this cool female doctor is comparable to some brilliant heroines in C dramas that have greater respect and fairer perspectives about women as decent human beings.

    • Couldn’t agree more. KMY is pretty, sassy, very capable, independent, proactive, principled, and most importantly, thoughtful and steadfast. She thinks hard and weigh her decision on her own, without being swayed by others. But when she decided, she make sure to see it through till the end. That makes her decision to pursue her love with Capt. Yoo Si Jin all the more delightful. And boy, doesn’t she kiss the best ! Her truck bed kiss, hands down is one of the best, female initiated kiss of K drama that I’ve ever seen. Just one word: Perfection.

      • Love both the comments above , can’t agree more
        Her character is well written , independent , strong will , doesn’t let anyone dictate her action
        Think fast and make decision quick
        Well that’s how doctor character is supposed to be

  8. For Kim Go Eun beauty dont worry she will be more beautiful next 2 years.Korean actresses but not all love to alter their cheekbones , nose and eyes. Sometimes you will not recognize them anymore.

  9. Kim go Eun is pretty and unique in her own way
    I only know her thru Goblin but her acting is so natural , and convincing, cute but not fake
    Feel like she will be s future Gong hyo Jin

    • Oh my goodness, you have to see her in Monster and Eungyo. This girl can act. I love her natural beauty, something about her I can’t quite pin point.

  10. it’s always been a mystery to me why song hye kyo is so popular. she is extremely beautiful, but i’ve always thought her acting was just okay.
    perhaps DOTS’s dialogue script was kinda vapid and the medical situations are laughable?

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