South Korean Parliament Votes to Impeach Scandal-ridden President Park Geun Hye After Two Months of Public Protests

South Korea’s much too long and way too crazy for real world national nightmare is finally over – this Friday the Parliament voted overwhelmingly 234-56 to impeach President Park Geun Hye. The impeachment will immediate suspend her from office while the Prime Minister takes over in the interim, and the Parliament has 180 days to make the impeachment vote final. The political scandal and turmoil surrounding Park Geun Hye’s long running and tightly intertwined relationship with Choi Soon Shil, the daughter of a deceased cult leader, has spawned intense prosecutorial investigations, arrests of top aids and Choi Soon Shil, and regular citizen protests that have ranged from hundreds of thousands of angry people upwards of over a million. Park Geun Hye’s refusal to acknowledging wrongdoing and/or resign has led to this impeachment vote, which is a huge sigh of relief for the South Koreans who want to close this dirty chapter in political cronyism and start moving on with rebuilding. For those wanting a comprehensive background and summary of the scandal, Askakorean did a series of incredible blog posts (initial scandal, background, summary).


South Korean Parliament Votes to Impeach Scandal-ridden President Park Geun Hye After Two Months of Public Protests — 8 Comments

  1. Great news for the koreans. So much unlike Malaysia, where the people has no power and a leader elevating his own power to become a dictator and syphoning out so much money while the people continue to suffer.

  2. Thanks for the links to Askakorean’s blog posts.
    It’s unfortunate that SK had elected their first female president and it comes down to such pathetic end.

  3. Thanks for the link.
    This case was reported in some news in my country but I don’t really pay attention to it as a lot of things happen in my country too.
    Now after I read it and googling related news for another perspective, I feel that I live in a peaceful country and my government seems like angels!

  4. That why democracy should grow in modern country,people should watching their government too! “Power tends to corrupt and absolute
    power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord
    Acton quote.

  5. Is this South Korean President gay?? Why it says she in relationship with her?? All along I thought SK is conservative society, didnt know LGBT is welcome there!

    • Many articles out with disgusting details of what was going on under the Blue House roof, from prescription of propofol, buy great amount of viagra, extra beds in the presidential office, God knows what more, mention of many popular artists and talent agencies involved. Reason, why Chinese government scratched out many of those artists, and even others just for being somehow associated with them, regardless of their popularity in China. Now, it is understandable the reason why in SK talentless artists were favored and promoted , having unexplainable privileges over others talent artists. There is a God and Karma, can take time , but the true always surface no matter what.

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