Goblin Becomes Top Drama Buzz Leader and Breaks Previous Record Set by Descendants of the Sun

All hail the power of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, in 2016 alone she’s set new drama achievements and is even the one to break her own record. The latest one to fall is held by her own Descendants of the Sun, and the new record holder is her own Goblin, talk about pitting two siblings against one another. But if she’s like me in loving both equally and happy with the new buzz for Goblin to continue the buzz trend from DotS, then it’s all good. Korean buzz tracking site Good Data Corporation tracks trends and popularity and in the second week of airing Goblin got 12,500 points from the combination of news articles, blogs, videos, SNS, feeds, et. al. It took DotS five weeks of airing to receive that many points so kudos to Goblin for airing on a cable network and still bringing in the masses to watch and discuss.



Goblin Becomes Top Drama Buzz Leader and Breaks Previous Record Set by Descendants of the Sun — 47 Comments

  1. I think Goblin being on cable makes it an even more amazing feat, considering it’s a cable channel. It’s not like everyone can watch it.

  2. is there a possibility that eun tak will grow up before she is marrying goblin..coz it really irritates me with the fact that she’s still in high school. i can’t root for them with that age gap and visually they doesn’t have that kind of chemistry too. plus eun tak character is quite immature with unnecessary aegyo and the way goblin treats her i feel more like dongsaeng than a lover. And i really need more interaction between sunny and grim. Their screentime together is too short for a second lead. Hope it will improve. Other than that i really love this drama so much.

    • Agree! It doesn’t help that for someone who went through so much and yet she still act like a brat and a nonsense little girl. I’m not a fan of these types of character. Most (or 99.9%) 18yr/o don’t talk like a kid like she does.

      I’m sticking with this for the bromance for once!!! OTB (One True Bro) for the win!!

      • ikr. i cant stand her when she threw tantrum to goblin when he doesn’t visit her at suite. i mean come on..how clingy u can get. thank god she doesnt live with him. if not she will ruins the bromance time and wants all the attention only for her.If the writer wants the lead heroin to be a teenager she should give the role to kim so-hyun who’d play as queen instead.

      • I would like if they age her a bit . but i’m not finding it icky. when gong yoo looks at her, it makes sense to me. so he is making me buy this romance. as for her, i feel right now its just attraction to her. in fact i loved that scene when she threw a tantrum in the hotel room. she just wants his attention and not the money. as per the subs it had been days since he talked to her. he is probably the first person after her mom to actually care about her. and all i could see in that tantrum was her fear of being left alone again.

      • I am more and more convinced about the romance. She acts like brat because she knows her value to him. Even if she has gone through so much she is still 19 and she finally found her gaurdian angel. I undertsnd the teenage thing is uncomfortable but who ever it is going to be very much yonger than him and she has powers I think will be revieled later. She can already does what the gream reaper can’t do.

    • I’m not persuade with the male and female lead relationship, besides I’m more into the bromance between goblin and grim reaper, even grim reaper with sunny. Why not portray a 20+ young lady instead of a high school girl? Not to offend but I prefer to change the female lead. I can see no chemistry at all. Sorry..

    • We have heard na. You guys have voiced your discontent in every frigging episode, dampening me and I’m sure other people mood to gush about the drama. So she’s young and she’s bratty, she’s not the first 19yr old to be like that, she’s the lead/ heroine in the drama. Can we get past the age and discuss other points of the drama. If you guys continue like this, the hate for the character will morph into hate for the actress

  3. Yup! I agree too that Eun Tak’s character is super annoying and does not gel with that of an 18 year-old. She talks and acts like a spoilt brat in her early teens. There is zero chemistry of the romantic kind between Goblin and her. I wonder if she was directed to act that way or if it is her own interpretation of the role. She certainly didn’t adopt the squeaky kiddy voice that she uses in this drama. Goblin and Grim Reaper are a much more fun pairing. There hasn’t been enough of Sunny and Reaper to decide if they are a a sparky pair.

    • Agree also with most here re: eun tak and her overly done aegyo. Can’t she be 18/19 but still be mature. Like elena in The Vampire Diaries? She was paired with vampires but you get attracted to their story, you root for the pairings ..this one, I mainly watch for the bromance. I hope there’s a timeskip soon!

  4. I thought I was the only one who found it weird. For one, I don’t think she can ever pull off cute. She has a resting sullen face. Thats why there’s a disconnect when she tries to act cute. She acts more like a middle schooler than a senior in high school. Her younger self was more mature than she is now. I think she’s the weakest link in the drama. I really hope there’s a time gap so she can grow up a bit and maybe develop a more interesting personality. ??

  5. Lol why do you guys go through the drama and torture yourself if she’s is bringing that much reaction from you.It’s not like anyone is forcing you to watch goblin,sigh.

  6. On the contrary, I love Eun Tak so much!After years of abuse and abandonement, It’s amazing that she doesn’t grow up jaded and bitter, or even worse, a cruel b*tch. She keeps her bubbliness and optimism like a 19 year-old should. And I don’t think 99.9 % of 19ish teenagers act calm and composed. I know I’m not, and so are my friends. LOL. I can relate to her and admire how KGE portrays ET’s character effortlessly. I appreciate those moments when Shin looks so touched by her youthful charm and blunt expressions. She makes him feel so many emotions and it’s sweet that he warms up to her without even knowing. I don’t expect burning chemistry between them in this early stage, it’s only 4 episodes and so many layers have not been exposed yet. Imma enjoy the ride now.

    Btw, it’s such a good news that Goblin does well. I hope it continues to be awesome.

  7. Wish I could understand the hype about KES. I’ve tried multiple dramas of hers hoping I’d finally “get” it, but they always just end up annoying the hell out of me.

    • Many people feel the same but I have read over and over again that this drama is very different. Have you seen the first four episodes?

      • I’ve seen the first two. I loved the set up with the ghosts and all but the same issues that normally arise when I watch her dramas started to bug me. She puts way too much effort into her male characters and their relationships and not enough in her female ones. If Korea was a little more open, I’d suggest she just write male/male romance, given how much she loves to ham up the bromance.

        I was also getting some slight father/daughter vibes between the two leads…which creeped me the eff out.

    • +1
      I share the same feeling with you.
      I was never a fan of any of her works but was highly anticipating this one because I was blown away by the trailer. Guess I was expecting something gritty and mystical because of its title being “Goblin” and therefore, I feel the letdown. The first episode was ok because of the backstory but then, everything after that just not connecting with me. I already have one foot out the door by now.

    • sadly, MANY korean drama even in a more critically acclaimed drama focus so much on a male character. And alot of female character often stereotype .SO it’s not so much only about Kim Eun Sook being KES, but more a cultural thing. It’s ironic because alot of more talent actor in Korea in a young age is a female. Kim Go Eun Can do so much more than this kind of cutesy..

      • Kim Go Eun is a great actress, but this character is making her look like a rookie. And I know it’s not so much her fault as it is the writing and the direction she’s being given.

      • Agree .she has potential.
        but kes always do that to her female char .it was like some people blaming psh for ces char,in fact kes didnt let her shine even tho 1eps.
        I still have a patience for this one because fantasy genre,who knows eun tak will be mature next eps

    • Agree i was fine with her but after the heirs bfjddfjjg
      i give a try to dots,she still do the same,i think she will do the same thing to eun tak
      idk why does kes never have an eye to female character

    • The same goes for me @Shei ! everytime i try and can’t complete her dramas … i must be an ET… I’m sad because i love Gong Yoo and it’s not like i can see him in a drama every year. How can a woman write so badly female roles ! Is she still reading romances of the 80’s ?

  8. I really wish you guys who are “creeped out” by the age difference would spell out why you are disturbed. It’s because you don’t want to gush over how HOT Gong Yoo is when he portraying a pedophile. As far as I can see, he wants to marry her, not necessarily have sex with her. I think he means to marry her, have her pull out the sword, die promptly and have his lily white virgin bride live on to marry someone else more appropriate for her. It’s all very noble on his part, you see.

  9. You can say what you want but for me Gong Yoo (in dramaland) has the best chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye. I like the actress in her previous works but here she puts too much effort to act cute and i don’t feel romantic feelings. As for age gap, i don’t mind. See all the actors dating young girls as if all the women in their thirties have disapeared from the planet.

    • Agree, KGE should try a different approach with acting cute. She should have watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, how Shin Minah portrays being maturely cute (eh, if you get what I mean).
      There is nothing wrong with the age gap! She is freaking 19! IN real life the actress is dating someone 17 years her senior.

  10. most of the time KES female leads are annoying(heirs,dots,).well in goblin if we thing about her past for me its quite a good thing that she act like positive and happy as she is just 19 hope in the future she mature a little more.
    heirs:just plain boring female lead the “good girl”who everyone love.
    i find the one in dots the most annoying kes female lead ever.a 30 plus doctor act
    immature and brat all the time.Having a hair-pulling fight,call another girl ugly because she thought she stole her boyfriend,eavesdrop a conversation etc.She was a damsel in distress too.i remember 3 times that she had to be saved in the series maybe more, and the expressions i remember from the character were crying and open her eyes and the mouth most of the time.
    i haven’t see all kes dramas so i don’t know if she had already did but i want to see sistamance more than bromance.

  11. Honestly I don’t have problem with lead woman character,coz everything can be happen and changeable,it up to writer.
    maybe she too materialistic,but she just a girl who have crazy destiny,I am sure she don’t know what married about and at least she character is not dating her teacher.
    And her acting is still good,not easy become a cute high school girl,and childish like that.

  12. Maybe it’s just me….but chemistry is lacking between the 2 leads. I watched the 4 episodes and every time they are shown together, I wished that they show grim reaper and goblin instead. That little girl in Oh My, Geum Bi And the actor playing “dad” has more connection in that drama than these 2, in my opinion. Chemistry is not just measured in terms of them acting like potential lovers, it’s how they interact with the other characters, that’s how I define chemistry. KGE is a good actress, I’ve seen her movies, she was great in Coin Locker Girl, Monster, etc…..but here, she just seems lacking? Maybe she is more suited for gritty roles? I don’t know, just an observation.

  13. I’m not against age gaps as long as the characters are legal and consenting adults (not talking about the actors – Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun – who of course are legal).

    What really bothers me is that they cast Kim Go Eun who is in her 20s to play a highschool student. Like, why? And like, don’t? They could easily cast KGE and make her play a young woman in her 20s to be the Goblin’s bride. Where is the problem with that?

    And I know a lot will say “oh but the Goblin is 900+ years old, so it doesn’t really matter if Eun Tak is a highschool student or older”. Uhm, no, it matters. And you would agree if they would’ve cast an actual 18 year old actress to play Gong Yoo’s counterpart. And it’s obvious they didn’t do that because they knew it would be wrong. So they wanted the female lead to be a highschool student but made sure the actress would be older than that.

    And I mean MAYBE there will be a time skip and suddenly Eun Tak is older and then it makes all sense but unfortunately then it will be too late for me because aside from the age thingy I don’t see any chemistry between KGE and Gong Yoo. And the only one really selling there might be some romance is Gong Yoo. Who btw is the one who is carrying the whole drama.

  14. If Yoon Eun Hye became the female lead…a fan girl could only hope, right?
    I’m sure I can accept her becoming 19 yrs old and acting aegyo…hehehe
    Because I believe only cute girls have the right to act aegyo

  15. You guys are annoying. So she is acting childish for a 18 yo?
    (My sister acts like her, lol so I’m enjoying her character.)

    Like, how many dramas we have grow up guys, adults acting like brats and everybody is “cute!!!! love him!!! so funny!!!”ugh. I mean Secret garden is liked and loved by most kfans when the main lead was straight away childish, spoiled and abusing.

    • DITTO ! There is alot of female and male character who act immature and cutesy that even are way more cringe worthy than this. why it’s the problem now? I don’t understand.. double standard is so strong in this one.

  16. I think Kim Go Eun’s doing a great job to portray that that complex character. People can critise her whatever they like but it can’t stop me adoring her and enjoying this drama to the max. 🙂

  17. Goblin is so magical that I can be blind to its shortcomings… I mean, what writer can resist making up a story about two gods who become roommates… one of them having a sword that can only be pulled out by his bride who he has happen to fall in love with after waiting for her … and now that he can finally die, he doesn’t want to. It’s a show that has knocked my socks off in the places that it’s been to (with Goblin, he can be anywhere in the world), the music that’s to die for (sorry , Goblin) and the beautiful wonder that is Gong Yoo. He has not disappoint this year; watched both Train to Busan and Age of Shadow, but this drama is a Christmas gift. My friends and I are already planning a get-together for the final episodes.

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