Lee Min Ho Cooks in the Kitchen for His Mermaid in New Episode 9 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea

Even if screenwriter Park Ji Eun is basically copying the entire narrative structure of her own hit You From Another Star, last week’s episode 8 of Legend of the Blue Sea ended with the possibility of a breakthrough. There have been too many near misses where Joon Jae finds out Shim Chung is a mermaid so I’m all ready for him to know outright so that they can spend more time trying to decide how to be together.

New stills are out for Wednesday’s episode 9 showing Joon Jae cooking a home meal clearly for his loves to eat oddball Shim Chung. These food prep stills remind me so much of Kim Woo Bin with similar moments both in Heirs and in Uncontrollably Fond, and in general one aspect I did love about Heirs was the love-hate relationship between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin’s characters so this memory triggering visual makes me happy. The production also released a ton of new BTS pics of the full cast enjoying the filming experience.


Lee Min Ho Cooks in the Kitchen for His Mermaid in New Episode 9 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea — 5 Comments

  1. I’m feeling love for this OTP – basically joon jae just cracks me up for always ceding to her without himself knowing how it happened.

    It’s nice to see the staff enjoying themselves. I’m sure the pressure’s on for the ratings. they possibly need some uptick in story momentum for any jolt. But Then again I’m liking the slice of life pace as it’s basically chemistry now that’s selling the story.

  2. Lol the hypocrisy on this blog
    She was pretty which peaked at 16 percent is considered a hit and a drama which has surpassed that is not?
    I never liked jjh but this is just plain bias.

  3. I hope we will have more Kim Jinyoung scenes. Such a gorgeous looking young man (reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro) with real talent and charisma. In his few scenes he completely overshadows LMH. He makes LMH look so inert and limited as an actor. He did the same in My Love, Eundong where he overshadowed even seasoned actors like Jo jin Mo.

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