Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Confirm K-ent Reports on Dating

What a bombshell dating news to end the 2016 year, if this happens to be the last dating news to come out of K-ent from now until year end. Media in South Korea is reporting that top actor Hyun Bin is dating actress Kang Sora, a pairing that is so random and out of nowhere not just in dating but even costarring together it’s like their names were drawn out of a hat. Binnie is 34 years old born in 1982 and Kang Sora is 8 years younger at 26 years old, an age difference that doesn’t even merit a blink of an eye these days.

They reportedly met only this October when Kang Sora was looking for a new agency and met with Binnie as he has his own agency. Their relationship turned romantic only recently a few weeks ago. This is usually much too early for the tabloids to cotton on to comings-and-goings so I wonder if they released it directly or who could have outed them. No matter, both sides have swiftly confirmed this news so wishing them the best in their happy blissful new romance days!

Conceptually I think they make a very striking couple, but seeing them together makes me now want them to do a drama or movie together with their onscreen intensity in the same frame.


Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Confirm K-ent Reports on Dating — 65 Comments

    • I really dont think so. I just think they didnt want to hide theur relationship. I believe that either may have dated someone in the past where hiding their relationship was a necessity so enjoying dates in public may have been a no no. Also kang sora seems to enjoy going out without hiding.

      • I think soo!… they want to date freely in the public without hiding their
        relationship to the fans. And I like that!…
        I am just wondering if they have time to date last Valentines Day.
        I just hope they did because I love “Hyun Bin & Kang Sora” as a couple.

  1. Looks like they’ve admitted it

    The age difference between these two is no big deal but I was truly shocked by Shin Ha Kyun – Kim Go Eun and especially Kim Joo Hyuk – Lee Yoo Young… not trying to moralize, but celebrities really are another breed, aren’t they?

    • they ‘re still good looking and share the same activities so why not? But have all actresses in their 30’s disapeared from the planet ? I wonder If actresses like Ha JI Won, Han Ji Min, Yoon Eun Hye, Son Ye Jin,… who are in their 30’s would be treated the same way if they were dating very young actors ? Guess ?

    • After all the bullying some mean SEGA fans have done to SHK, Hyun Bin’s then girlfriend, we’re all rolling in laughters now. Don’t get us wrong: some of SHK fans like me truly enjoyed SEGA and loved the chemistry of the two leads. We just don’t like those fans who were so mean and insensitive to the feelings of the real-life girlfriend. All they want is to see the onscreen chemistry resulting to real-life relationship. Even cheering like fools when SHK and HB finally broke up. Well, now that Kang SOra is in the picture, it is obvious HJW in out of the picture. I’m sure HJW herself would not mind. But to SEGA fans, the news is definitely heartbreaking.

      • Wrong! Ha Ji Won minds… and so does Park Geun Hye. The’re both delusional, Gil Ra Im and Gil Ra Im wannabe..

  2. Good for you Hyun Bin, Kang Sora is stunningly beautiful in every way. Now I hope fans of this particular actress can finally leave Hyun Bin alone and stop it with their fabricated stories of how bad of a boyfriend he was etc.

    • I agree with you Kang Sora is beautiful inside and out a genuine
      and respectful lady…
      And I don’t think so that it is just a publicity because they are
      not the same agency!…
      Let’s be happy & support the gorgeous couple. I hope that Hyun Bin
      will love & take care of our dearest Kang Sora… Congratulations!.

  3. Just wondering why whenever celebrities are confirmed to be dating it is always assumed that it is all for publicity… Why not the give the benefit of the doubt just for once?

    • Oh please that is sooooo old. Its just a damn variety show.

      Anyway congrats to Hyun Bin and Kang Sora! What a stunning looking couple. Be happy!

  4. So it was true. Unexpected couple but beautiful. Age gap isn’t notable cause KSORA has a strong feminity. For me she’s like Park Shin Hye and Yoon Eun Hye who also have an aura and a feminity that only few men can handle ! Bring on other couples like this !

  5. I got to appreciate Kang in the past year after two viewings each of Misaeng and Neighborhood Lawyer. She’s spirited, gorgeous, talented, intelligent, and multilingual. So all I can say is if it’s true Hyun Bin has good taste.

  6. Congratulations to Binnie and Kang Sora! Enjoy your dating and hope it will all work out for the both of you. Fighting! Binnie and KS Fighting1

      • @me – r u bitter about their dating news or do u seriously think HB needs KS for a publicity stint? Do u think HB can gain more fans with or without a girlfriend? I want your honest opinion

      • I’m not bitter at all? No celeb is above a little media play. This isn’t even the first cast member in this movie to get outed this week. Just calling it as I see it.

        HB doesn’t need KS, but being on people’s radar again helps. He’s not some young idol and a GF doesn’t hurt him

    • Trailer generated 5M views within one week, it has Yoo Hae Jin and is produced by Yoon Je Kyun. They absolutely doesn’t need cheap mediaplay. Also, it’s not a dating news that’ll generate any tickets. Chungmuro works differently.

  7. I’m glad when dating news comes out and hopefully dating openly will become a normal thing for celebrities in Korea. Well and the breaking up as well because that’s just as normal. I’ll cross my fingers for this couple, and it would be nice if they worked together though doubtful now.

  8. No pictures came out, I feel like this is just part of an attempt to distract the public from the Park Geun Hye mess (lol she of ‘Gil Ra Im’ alias) now that she’s been impeached. First those random celebrity webcam leaks, now this.

  9. Fantastic, two talented and gorgeous smarties! He’s my favorite k-crush and I couldn’t pick anyone better for him ❤️. Hope they’re very happy together and that their honesty about dating is good for both their careers!

  10. HB dating news was always going to give me a heart attack anyway. Kang Sora is a talented actress but this is such a random thing. Good for them.

  11. this guy such a playboy. how many woman he have sleep with? SHK HJW KS WHO ELSE? it dumb of KS to date this man. she way too good for him.

  12. Their agencies failed… Two weeks, they could have stopped this news. It will be hard for them to have a “normal” relationship now…

  13. Wow only two weeks in??? I like both a lot individually so this is nice to read!

    Now HB should pick a good drama and hopefully his movie does well and he can get his career back on track like Gong Yoo.

  14. Yasssssss Kang Sora! That’s my bestfriend, that’s my bestfriend…you betta…you betta throw it in a circle! Over here dancing. I love her, she is so talented and down to Earth and is beautiful but normal looking. I support this couple. I think she has a good head on her shoulders and it might be time for Hyun Bin to settle down. Yasssss!

  15. Wow. Imagine they mey and must have immediately sparked. Romantic gears in me spinning. Congrats to them. Hope their relationship continue to blossom and last.

  16. Two weeks is a little early to be confirming dating news. I wish for both their sakes they had waited a lot longer before going public. Now all eyes will be on them and the pressure would be a lot. Wishing them the best, though. Such a random pairing!

  17. One of the most annoying ships in the shipping history finally sank – SeGa couple fans were utterly crazy, really… I have never understood certain shippers’ mindset.
    Congratulations to the new couple! They look good together.

    • Another one too ! With Han Ji min, when he said that she was the prettiest actress he worked with. Some people went shipping them ! he’s dating a girl who is her opposite ! Tall, not the classic asian beauty … LOL.

  18. I agree, majority of SEGA shippers are delusional and rude. In the past, they bashed SHK really hard that’s why I began to dislike HJW.

  19. Gorgeous couple but only dating for a few weeks…they were definitely forced to reveal this. Ah well, hope they are having fun in the early dating stages!

  20. What a beautiful couple. Kang So Ra has been one of my girl crush actresses for a long time, Hyun Bin you lucky man. Too bad they got caught this early in the relationship; i hope this doesn’t affect their relationship.

  21. I’d rather see Hyun Bin end up with Kang Sora than Ha Ji Won, if only to break SeGa shippers’ heart as they did ours (Binkyo’s)… heheh!!!

    Plus, looking at SOra’s lips, i knew immediately, ladies like HJW or Han Ji Min got no chance at all. Sora’s remind me that of Hye Kyo. Binnie must have love kissing plump lips like that.

  22. Funny how HAJIWON kept on talking how Binnie is so close to her, raising either their shipper’s delusion or her own hopes, days before the news about HB and KS came out. What a splash of cold water to their delusional fans.

    “Since when did you get so pretty?”
    “Since when did you notice that I am?”
    “Since when did you get yourself so easily swayed with a well-scripted dialogue?”

  23. LOL..all the comments…I like Kang Sora as an actress just like how I like Song Hye Kyo. Personally I feel that Hyun Bin may appreciate a certain type of females and I think he has a good taste. KSora and SHK do share a bit resemblance in both looks and aura. Good luck to HB and KSora.

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