Park Shin Hye is a Vision in White at Millet Fan Signing Event in Seoul

I’m so addicted to winter whites, Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho‘s characters went skiing in an episode of Legend of the Blue Sea and she wore an all-white ski bunny outfit that’s fabulous and sporty. The only downside is getting it dirty, one  year I was cut off on the slopes and swerved into a slushy ditch and my all white ski jacket was a hot mess. But hot mess is the opposite of how glowing and pristine Park Shin Hye was rocking the winter white ski jacket at a brand signing event this weekend in Seoul. Park Shin Hye is the brand model for sportswear  brand Millet and this appearance showed off a sleek and tailored white jacket that doesn’t look puffy in the least, and a shorter hair style from her usual longer locks. I loved her hair in Doctors but this few inches shorter cut is gorgeous on her, too. Sigh, she’s just someone who’s firing on all cylinders in career and visuals, hope she picks a great drama to start of 2017.


Park Shin Hye is a Vision in White at Millet Fan Signing Event in Seoul — 15 Comments

  1. Wasn’t she is in Daegu?
    She has gained all the weight back and is healthy again… That means no drama anytime soon because she usually loose some weight before drama filming…

  2. Shin Hye, looking pretty as always. She looks fit . Genuine representative of sports clothing. The white Millet jacket was sold out. Hope she rest well after finish filming, go on vacation, find the normalcy and balance while enjoying life, and indulge us with another good project. Fighting. God bless you.

  3. I hope she meet good scriptwriter n pd.
    doctors drama is not that bad but it lacks in script n directing,when all cast do their job perfectly.(imo,no-war)

  4. Your so pretty shinhye……#yongshin together for a new drama…wish you more new drama’s to come…fighting yongshin…love them both…they look sweet together…

  5. Shin Hye is one product endorser who embody what she advertises, maybe because she really is sporty? Not super skinny, also believable in my opinion. Seen the video of the fan signing, she really engages with the fans .

  6. Looking at her makes one understand what’s meant by being a “natural beauty”.
    Absolutely no artificiality in the glowing, healthy skin….sparkling eyes and shiny hair.

  7. She looks prettier now that she gained some weight. Hope she realizes losing weight is ok, but the flip flopping weight gain and loss is hard on the body and can cause severe damage. It has happened to actors before, unfortunately isn’t uncommon, or so I have read.

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