Legend of the Blue Sea Remains Steady in Ratings as OTP Romance Blossoms Sweetly in Episodes 11 and 12

I’m so happy that Legend of the Blue Sea continued its upward narrative momentum from last week’s episodes 9 and 10. This week the ratings remained relatively steady with 16.7% and 17.3% in episodes 11 and 12, respectively, but the ratings don’t reflect how smoothly the OTP romance is progressing on a satisfying track. Joon Jae and Shim Chung spend the two episodes with many substantive moments of connection whether small such as in their apartment or intense when a dangerous foe emerges again. The background conflict with Joon Jae’s dad and his horrible second wife is also taking steps to bring her actions to the forefront, and I’m glad Joon Jae’s stepbrother isn’t a total douche. What makes this drama finally coalesce for me is the romance finally feels developed and now the stakes have urgency because it’s not just about the past life but the present has all the connections to make Joon Jae fight for Shim Chung and vice-versa. Love it!


Legend of the Blue Sea Remains Steady in Ratings as OTP Romance Blossoms Sweetly in Episodes 11 and 12 — 5 Comments

  1. Oh LMH who would have thought you are such comedic gold!
    He’s making this drama his own despite all the hype and expectations which was perhaps too much to meet. But if you strip away all these excess, the story of 2 souls who are destined to find each other is pretty warm hearted. Mermaid or Human. Look at Joon Jae- he hardly cares what or who she is – it’s so bubbly cute.
    The drama works best whenever the 2 are together and if it knows it’s strength- it should keep it this way.

  2. I always like the courtship part of every OTP relationship and always losing interest once the romance has set sail.
    But LMH is really firing all cylinders in LOTBS. He is never my fave actor but I love him as Heo Joon Jae. Though this drama is nowhere near the level of YFAS, I am pleased that LMH not letting JJH totally steal the attention. IMO, it’s LMH that outshines JJH.
    And gosh, I never watched JJH did so much kissing scenes as she did with LMH here.

  3. I totally agree koala, finally the romance feels real, I was not really feeling this drama but now they have grab me love this week episodes.

    On a side not stepbrother calling Joon Jae to take care of his father because now he will take care of his mother, that he is giving his last warning as the fake son to real son, doesn’t you think we will have a repeat of UF plot of the 2 brothers, I don’t know but it gave me that vibe.

  4. hmmmm this show! it keeps getting better each week… I’m not a fan of their kiss scenes but am so into the way they interact, their relationship is gold and so cute… LMH oppa is so killing the show that i can’t stop swooning whenever he appears on the screen! this is my best drama in 2016!

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