Bromance Beansprout Plucking and Runaway OTP in Store in Episode 7 of Goblin

I love the sense of the wonder from watching Goblin, the story has so many fantasy elements and a sweet slow cadence as it peels back the layers slowly. Usually K-dramas are about glorifying the fantasy, a chaebol plucking a cinderella with plucky personality or gorgeous professional solving problems between falling in love. but this super fantasy drama actually makes the extraordinary feel like a burden and the ordinary a salvation. Who wants to live forever and have super powers when it’s so lonely, whereas living and dying comes across as a job well done and nothing to regret. Now that Eun Tak the bride can’t (yet) pull out the Goblin’s sword, what’s left for the odd couple than more cohabitation trio hijinks with a side of Sunny awkward flirtation for the Grim Reaper. I feel like the bickering couple banter is now routine and actually alleviates their mutual loneliness.


Bromance Beansprout Plucking and Runaway OTP in Store in Episode 7 of Goblin — 5 Comments

  1. The last 15 minutes of this episode was intense. His reaction to her being able to pull out the sword was extreme to the max but it shows just how much he no longer wants to die.

    As for the Grim Reaper and Sunny…bad times are ahead, aren’t they? What will happen when Grim Reaper remembers he was the King who ordered the death of the woman he loved whom he’s falling for again in this life as a grim reaper and she’s a human and they can’t be together? Yeah, fun times ahead…

  2. This drama continues to grow on me. I don’t really mind all the product placements if it pays for the great scenes like the last 10 mins of this episodes tbh. The Train to Busan scene made me giggle like a maniac.

  3. This drama is an emotional rollercoaster ! I can cry and laugh in the same scene ! I love it ! The actors are reall great !

    I liked the cameo of Jung Jae In 🙂

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