Song Hye Kyo Sues Jewelry Company For Appropriating Her Image and Donates Entire Settlement to Needy Student Scholarship

I said K-actress Song Hye Kyo was hair goals a few weeks ago when she did a CF for the new mega expensive Dyson hair dryer, the ideal pitch woman to lure shoppers to shill our $400 US dollars in an attempt to get hair as lustrous and flowing as her. Now I think she’s goals as a star with integrity and generosity as news broke this week that Song Hye Kyo has reached a settlement with a jewelry company she sued earlier this year back in April of 2016 for using her image without permission.

The settlement amount has not been disclosed but Song Hye Kyo has donated the entire amount to a scholarship fund assisting low income students learning fashion design. She intends for the money to be used to grow the future of creativity and fashion, which feels like a fantastic apropos use of the money. Makes me even more fond of her, on top of being impressed with her incredibly successful acting career which spans Autumn in My Heart in 2000 all the way to Descendants of the Sun in 2016.


Song Hye Kyo Sues Jewelry Company For Appropriating Her Image and Donates Entire Settlement to Needy Student Scholarship — 14 Comments

  1. Beautiful inside and out. I’m really hoping that she would win the Daesang in KBS drama awards. Her acting in DOTS is super good and besides she had given KBS one of their most memorable and highest rated dramas of all time: AIMH, FH and DOTS

  2. Song Hye Kyo is a true artist… I’ve always said it. (And this recent donation proves it.)
    And yes, she deserves a Daesang for her performance. Many can be good actors, but only a few are actually artists. I wish KBS could see that…

  3. But… there’s no way she could’ve done anything else. Can you imagine her winning the law suit and keeping the money? After her tax evasion scandal, she’d have been ripped apart in Korea.

    • i agree with you @Jules Dots give her a regain of love after her tax evasion scandal Doing good deeds doesn’t hurt . right ? Netizens are so versatile !

    • She can keep the money if she wants , she does not have any obligation to donate the money just to be forgiven
      She did this just because she has good heart
      Beauty inside out

  4. knetizen forgave her when dots became a hit and also when she refuse 1 million dollars to model for mitshibutsi becos of country history.she could have kept de money and netizens would hav said nothing.again shk infact added her personel money from her purse to the sue money before donating dat means she was willing from her heart to donate and not becos of fear of netizen fury.if she was not willing she will only donate de sue money without adding hers.shk is love she has donated atleast 4 in 2016.happy for her for winning daesang

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