Nam Joo Hyuk Offered Male Lead Role in Bride of the Water God K-drama Adaptation

Well things certainly took a turn in less than a day from the news that the K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God was scheduled for February 2017 filming. Now comes the first casting news – Nam Joo Hyuk has reportedly been offered the male lead role of water god Haebak, with the drama modernizing the story from the ancient times to present day Seoul. Nam Joo Hyuk’s first sageuk role was actually not bad, he fare better than other pretty faced young princes in the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin. I’ve a soft spot for him since Who Are You: School 2015, and heard that he’s doing quite well in the low rated but well liked Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. With that said, I’m surprised at how many high profile dramas he continues to get cast in, being under YG Entertainment is no joke legit.


Nam Joo Hyuk Offered Male Lead Role in Bride of the Water God K-drama Adaptation — 51 Comments

  1. He was surprisingly better than Ji Soo in Scarlet Heart but he did not leave a lasting impression on me. As much as I love him in Weightlifting Fairy KBJ, Nam Joo Hyuk does not possess the charisma to become a leading man in a heavy genre like this one. Since the production team are eyeing on young blood with no starpower, my pick is Kang Ha Neul. He is far more experienced and a much better actor, it surprised me that he is yet offered a lead role, in fact NJH overtaken him.

    • I agree. I liked him in SH and WF, but this might be a bridge too far. Last I heard though is KHN has signed on to do a movie so if NJH turns it down, they’ll have to look elsewhere.

      • Give him a chance to showo off what he got? Maybe this is the time for you guys to know the other side of acting skills of Nam Joo Hyuk

    • Ji Soo has more charisma than him. Ji Soo has presence unlike NJH who just looks pretty on screen. JS debuted before him and has been toiling in small projects here and there but look at what YG has done for NJH, he’s already in his third lead role. JS hasn’t even been properly promoted to second lead yet. Ah, life is indeed unfair.

  2. Should have gone for someone with mysterious and otherworldly aura like Kang Dong Won or Yoo Seung Ho, not exactly them, but someone like them, this guy has no charisma to pull of this type of role yet IMO

  3. NO…. Just NO…
    Habaek is manly, misterious, sexy & charismatic.. I don’t think NJH can pull this role.
    I love Habaek, please don’t ruin his character…. T_T

    • Nam joo hyuk… Im just waiting for your next drama to come.. But its so sad that your fans in WFKBJ is Trashing you… NJH can also show of his acting skills .. Maybe in this drama you’ll see the different Nam Joo Hyuk… I think He’ll do well.. So dont judge him… The drama isnt out yet… Lets just support NHJ.. We’ll be rooting for you.. fighting!!!! Just ignore the bashers

  4. He is good at weightlifting fairy, but thats it. good neighboorhood oppa vibe..
    I really like him but I dont think he can convey complex mature emotion. Im really surprise about this casting news. But yes, being on big company really help to get roles.
    Just look at those SNSD girls.. I hope NJY decline this offer.

  5. Interesting!! I’m currently reading the manhwa and to be honest I would have thought an older actor would be better. But seeing NJH play a more serious and colder character would be a nice change. NJH has definitely improved in terms of acting during Cheese and the Trap and in the currently airing Weightlifting Fairy KBJ.

  6. I love NJH from WF eventhough many people bashing him and even refused to check out the drama ever. He has improved a lot from his previous roles. People often said that this is all because of him being in YG. Maybe.. but I see him as one of the hardworking actors. How many dramas he did in the past 3 years as supporting actor? Once ML ended, he joined three meals a day cast. This boy hasn’t taken a break. Maybe he gave tvn good impression when he was in TMAD. When he was casted in WF, I didn’t see a single positive remarks in any blogs. But, he did very well anyway.
    Usually when a drama has low rating, you could see everything falls apart right away as if they just give up. But WF, I’m impressed with the continuous hardwork in the casts, writing, directing despite the low rating and bashing left and right. The success of a drama is not only determined by lead actors alone, but all the cast chemistry, directing, writing, style, etc. Hopefully tvN will do a great job in choosing them.
    If NJH chooses to take this role, I’ll be rooting for his success.

    • I already know he will going big. I watched him in school 2015, and I could tell that he will going famous (eventhough people might prefer sungjae more because of his character). He has looks, height, charm and he is hardworking. He already popular eventhough he only filmed in akmu MV. I disagree that yg is the main factor of him keep getting the lead role, Producers might think that he has potential to be a big star in the future (if he keep improving)

      • YG + looks. That’s what keeps him afloat. Ifans like him more but in Korea, even though they like his face, they don’t like his acting. Add to that, he doesn’t even have the viewer’s love.

    • Me too. Its like cmon let’s be supportive for once and let the young blood have a chance to hone their skills and shine. All the put down in the other forum up to almost 300 comments now is pretty low. I hope he does a splendid job like what hes doing now in WF and continue to shut people up. For the first few of times I am actually seeing international viewers put down an actor more than knetz. Go NJH. Hwaiting^^

      • yayyy!! I’m glad that some people are giving positive feedbacks. like com’on.. it’s not like the role just landed on his lap. He did many dramas for tvN as supporting roles, and 2-3 variety shows. While other high profile actors won’t even look at roles in cable network. It’s all about give ‘n take, people 🙂 NJH fighting!!

      • If we’re talking about young blood, then why not give it to a more talented and more skilled young blood? Kang Ha-neul? Kwak Dong-yeon? They’re very good actors who arent’ given their break yet because of model turned actors from big agencies.

        And if he really wants to hone his talent, why not take roles in weekend dramas first? With more room to improve and not primetime projects. And just so you know, he is also not a well regarded actor in Korea and blames YG too for gifting him such projects.

    • I’m also one of the NJH supporters. He has impressed me. I already caught a glimpse of his talent in Scarlet Heart (the character was poorly written and the show was a mess, I think he did reasonably well), and he confirmed in WFKBJ that he is capable of really good acting…c’mon there are people out there that even being in love for real could not communicate a 1% of the passion he exudes, that takes some skill. He is new to acting but is making impressive progress so I support that he takes some risks and tries to go bigger. NJH fighting!!

    • Yeah, it’s kinda sad now all those people who liked him are back to trashing him and giving excuses as to why they are totally in love with his character in Weightlifting Fairy. It’s just like him in real life, it’s not a hard character to play…etc.

      It’s in a part a case of this being a big drama with a popular character and everyone wanting their own choices. I think he’ll take it. No reason not to. It’s a huge role for him.

      I hope he does well.

    • I honestly don’t know why people tend to be so negative about him because he and Lee Sung Kyung are killing it in WFKBJ. I remember initial posts throwing shade at both of them but these two have completely turned the tide with their performance.
      I still wouldn’t want him to take it. Reasons:
      A. Manhwa crowd will tear him spart along with netizens God forbid there is one
      B. Tvn has past records for majorly screwing up Webtoon adaptations.
      C. I really hate that they changed the timeline to modern day.

    • His dramas have always been low rated and he’s still getting roles, supporting or otherwise, in even more projects. If it is any other actor not from YG, no matter how hardworking, he will be forgotten. But hey, YG does work wonders to revive his career after a poorly-reviewed performance or a flop drama.

  7. I am watching Nam Joo Hyuk in WF too but he just gives me the feeling of a boy next door character all the time. I love his character but can’t see him take this role.

  8. I never was fond of him. He was really lacking of charisma. I’m watching WF and it’s the first time I like him (on the other hand Lee Sung Kyunk still overacts and her body is really not credible to be a weightlifter…). But for me he’s not natural in the way he speaks and I can’t see him in a serious role.

  9. BIG NO! He doesn’t have that IT charisma like Park Bo Gum. They need to court a more adult actor like Lee Jun Ki together with a decent actress like Park Shin Hye/Moon Geun Young/Park Bo Young.

  10. I don’t know why I little skeptic with this drama,when they decide to make it with modern setting,they will losing the originality art work from the manhwa .
    And I think nam joo hyuk should be think twice,if he want to be mui. mui have very strong character,even more darker,sexy,naughty,jerk,charming,charismatic,who have moody character,sometime stupid absurd,sometime evil, and so mean than prince 4th in moon river. And It will hard for him if they choose wrong soah. Like moon river did,even can be worse. I said this because this is my favorite manhwa (no matter I hate the ending),after vampire knight. Why they not make the animation first,it will be help more.

  11. I find him to be an ok actor but he doesn’t have the gravitas to pull off habaek. If you’ve ever seen the art of this manhwa, you’ll realize that you need someone with otherworldly beauty but is also manly and has gravitas to pull of this 1000 someing year old god. The only person I can think of is Lee Jun Ki and I highly doubt he’ll want to do another sageuk anytime soon nor do I want to see him in one at this time. If they insist on casting someone younger, I want to see either yoo seung ho or Yeo Jin Goo even though I feel like they are both a bit too baby faced to play this character as well. I could also see Park Hae Jin in the role but I think he is busy with his new drama. I’m curious to know who their picks for the mortal bride would be. I just hope it’s not just an idol actress. I think skim So Hyun would do well for this. I’m not sure how I feel about a drama adaptation for this manhwa as a whole. It will take a really good CGI team to do justice to the beauty of the world created by the manhwa artist.

    • Exactly, Habaek is supposed to be mysterious, manly, tortured and very sexy – the amount of a skinship and even bed scenes between him and Soah mean they need an actor who can pull that off.

      NJH struggles when playing the darker side of a character so I really don’t think this role is for him.

      • Oh tell me about it. NJH only knows one version of dark expressions, that is angry. I still remember how poorly he portrayed his role on School 2015. He can’t pull off playing a meaner character and no matter how poor it sounds, but a good character can be slaughtered in the hand of a weak actor, period.

  12. I still have not gotten around to finishing Bride of the Water God (only read up to Chapter 104), but I remember it being very serious, dramatic (at times overly so), romantic and sexy. And while, unlike some people, I don’t mind NJH as an actor. I do not think he is at the level where he can believably pull off a character like Habaek/Mui/the Water God. I really hope he is not cast in this one. And honestly, it is going to take a very skilled actor to pull off the main lead without making me want to smack him in the face at times for not letting go of his first love.

    Also, why are they changing the setting? I love the original setting. I feel like making the story take place in modern times takes away from the magic. In this day and age who, in their right mind, would willing sacrifice their daughter with the belief that it would bring rain to their village? Unless they completely change that part of the storyline too, in which case BOO!

  13. It’s not like I don’t like Nam Joo Hyuk as an actor, he certainly has great potential but at this juncture, much too green for this kind of role. He is wonderful as the main lead in Weightlift Fairy but partially because the genre suits him. He does not have that charisma yet to pull on the weight with this kind of heavy-handed role. If there are looking for young actors, my vote goes to Kang Ha Neul or Park Bo Gum. If they don’t mind the older actor, than Lee Jun Ki IMO is the one who suits the character description the most (despite lacking the height) and has the suitable acting style.

    • I don’t see PBG coming to cable anytime soon though. KHN, I agree. We live in a world were NJH is on his third lead role already while KHN has yet to star in his very own show as the star. Sad.

  14. While I don’t think Nam Joo Hyuk is cut out for the role, I am in the opinion that perhaps may be, he is meant to portray Habaek. He is “Baek Ah” in Scarlet Heart and if your toggle and reverse the name, Baek Ah = Ha Baek. So, yes, may be he is fated to be Habaek.

  15. Woah! Nam Joo Hyuk is certainly going places.

    Hopefully he will slay the role and become the next big thing. It’s exciting to see these young faces like Park Bo Gum making waves.

  16. Nam Joo Hyuk, is a very good actor inspite that he is new I believe
    his acting availity… He is my new favorite Korean actor. And
    whatever decision he make & his agency I will support him!… Fighting!.

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