Goblin Hits New Intense Heights as the Secondary OTP Angst Takes Center Stage in Episodes 11-12

This weekend’s episodes 11 and 12 of Goblin were epic, and in a way not relying on the sound and the fury of narrative excess but instead stringing along quiet moment of pathos that builds and builds. The ratings inched past the 13% nationwide AGB range for both episodes which remains an incredible feat despite the drama not reaching the vaunted heights of tvN‘s biggest hit Answer Me 1988. I love and cried buckets over these two episodes, still not triggered by the central romance but instead by everything else. The death of grandpa offscreen had me sobbing, and the subsequent reveal of how much Wang Yeo/Grim Reaper and Sun/Sunny loved each other but still managed to fall into the trap of evildoers made me weep. Goblin and Sunny’s sibling reunion was wonderfully understated, and all in all I need the evil Park Joong Won to die a thousand infinite deaths in hell to be satisfied with a thorough happy ending for all.


Goblin Hits New Intense Heights as the Secondary OTP Angst Takes Center Stage in Episodes 11-12 — 37 Comments

  1. The death of Chairman, the pledge of loyalty by Deokwha to Goblin, the job the loyal soldier who stabbed kimshin. Yes! This eps.. Full pack.

  2. I cried buckets in episode 12!! It was just so good!!! What a shame its not reflected in the ratings yet, I hope it does beat Reply 1988, honestly it was the worse Reply in the series.

      • I’m not saying it’s worse… but rating and Reply franchise have build momentum. Hence the later would be higher… I expect the next one could be even higher.

  3. Me too. I cried when wookie cried. And when sun recognize her brother. I hope happy ending for everybody coz their past was already tragic

  4. This week episodes are just amazing! The grim reaper is so pitiful. I bet he was so devastated after he found out his real identity knowing what Wang Yeo did to the Kim siblings that he cared so much.
    I hope he gets his happy ending.

  5. I’m more invested in Kim Shin’s relationship with the grim reaper and sister as well as the grim reaper and Sunny’s relationship with each other than the main couple and that story line.
    Eun Tak just doesn’t interest me. The goblin and the sword interests me but not her….
    Also loved the scenes with his past ally, Deuk Hwa’s role, and Samshin Halmoni (especially when she reprimanded the teacher – one of my favorite scenes so far).

  6. Yes yesss,,, ep 11-12 are the best so far.
    I’m sorry KGE fans, but I don’t care about her character at all, it doesn’t connect me to the plot anyway, because the main plot now seem KS-GR-Sunny. “The bride” story is just like a filler and so draggy.
    Hope I’m wrong though, maybe KES will surprise us in the next episode about KS and euntak story.
    And damn LDW why are you so good??!!! I know he is not a bad actor, but here LDW shines so much, glad that finally he got the GR role.
    Can’t wait for next week!!

  7. Those episodes were epic ! I cried a lot too. The death of the grandpa was really sad, the fact that the Grimp Reaper knows his past identity and that is love for Sunny is “forbidden” was really sad. Poor sunny, she discovers a new world with goblin, grimp reaper and the fact she had a brother in a past life and her big love in the present was her big love in the past but a tortured one. I found a little bit weird to see the actors of present to play the scene in the past. But they were great.

    I’m happy that the storty between the Goblin and Eun Tak didn’t progress because I could not bear more drama. Seeing the Goblin crying for the grandpa already killed me.

  8. Loved both episodes and hoping for a happy ending for all. I am not invested in the main love story, but I still enjoy them together so I don’t mind her. But seriously, how hot is Gong Yoo? Everytime I think he can’t possibly look any better. He does. And he is in an incredible actor.

  9. I loved this week episodes and I did too cried rivers because damn who wouldn’t, the narrative was excellent, is what I was waiting since watching episode 1.

    The story between Goblin, Reaper and Sunny is so compelling that I wish now what would had been if Goblin and ET had also a past story, because I think that is why it feels so bla sometimes about Goblin and his bride romance, meanwhile reaper and sunny romance just break your heart specially when you see young king seeing for the first time his queen he smiled, a happy smile and then jealousy, anger and sadness and lets not forget the dialog where queen says she basically she is a sister of a traitor who loves him.

    I have a question why will the evil eunuch show up now??? Was he waiting for queen to be reincarnated, does he needed the bride to be in loved with our goblin? Because goblin and reaper have been living in our world for hundreds of years.

    Or does it has to do because the deity/god that was living in DH body no longer be in it and once again he is playing with our character about fate and destiny. Like one final game.

  10. Can we please start a peitition to convince the Writers and everyone else to do a prequel (drama/movie/mini series)? The Goryeo parts are so mesmerizing and enthralling.

    • I second that, I wouldn’t mind if they made a whole show around Lee El either…..that woman steals each scene she is in and nobody can be dressed in red with so much confidence head to toe like her. This episode hit the nail in the coffin on the fact that I desperately need Yoo Inna back as a leading lady in a good project.

  11. AltHough I do think Eun Tak role I’d not very engaging, it adds ‘life’ to Kim Shin amidst all the death and angst he is dealing for the past 900 years. These past episodes of love and fluff seems meaningless to the plot but for me I can almost feel the breather that Kim Shin has been waiting all these while. Like him I am pretty glad whenever Eun Tak appears, a moment of relief from all the intense longing of everyone.

  12. Honestly I am not really surprise if this drama will success lol,because this drama is solid from start until the now,not only in quality actor & actress,plot,character, cinematography but forget about product placement.
    if they not ruin the ending,this drama will make high standard for other korean fantasy drama.
    Still hope for happy ending,but it will be hard for the bad luck wang yeo.

  13. This drama should have been titled ‘The Tale of The Grim Reaper’. It would have been a much more interesting story to reverse the storytelling and, emphasize more on the WY’s story. The pain the king and queen endured caused by the people around them, is a more compelling story, IMO. Loving GR and Sunny

  14. ……………Oh Grim Reaper…Oh Lee Dong Wook. I really really hope Eun Tak’s character gets better….even though its more then half way through the drama….i really hope the writer makes its worth it for Goblin and Eun Tak or else…yeah, this was a Sunny and Grim Reaper show.

  15. You convinced me to give Goblin one more chance lady koala. I kind of gave up because the product placement was out of hand. The show became a long long insuperable subway baskin robins commerical. But I will go back and hopefully they calmed the f down with eating subways.?

  16. I usually support the secondary otp esp with kes works but with goblin I’m not invested as I find reincarnation themes overall contrived although well done. Perhaps it is because I have watched so many in Chinese dramas. I’m more interested in the story plot – the theme of redemption: to forgive and to be forgiven. How do you atone? Especially when there are unreliable gods with questionable motivations.

  17. I think i’m the opposite. I find Eun Tal character too childish and whiny but GR-Sunny couple grown up version doesn’t interest me that much unlike the usual Kim Eun Sook 2nd lead couples that i always love. Maybe because Kim So Hyun and Kim Min Jae whose acting and chemistry are too awesome. LDW and Yoo In Na appearring in the past life ruined it for me.what’s with Yoo In Na acting lmao so awkward

  18. I heart this show from day 1 (tho i dislike Lasse Lindh’s OST very much). When people asking for a past story between ET and any of the characters i find it amusing.
    I don’t believe in reincarnation but I had a friend who does and bother to check for me. It seems I was her in life a few cycles ago and our fate will always be entwined. Funny thing is my newborn son is a new soul. He was not human before. So I guess ET being a lost soul, someone who shouldn’t be born is a new soul too? Without a past life or connection with any of the characters.

    • Lol! I can’t stand that song from Lassie Lindh! It makes me cringe! No idea why. Maybe the lyrics? Or the voice?? Not sure just not into it, ruins every scene for me when I hear it play.

  19. I know fans of this show is going to tear me apart, but I just had to comment. Maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t overlook the age difference between the main leads! Gong Yoo looks like he could be her uncle. And the fact that she’s a high schooler isn’t helping much either. I love Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. But, only individually, not together. They both have such a strong presence onscreen which are very different from one another. Gong Yoo has a very mature aura and Kim Go Eun radiates such a young, carefree and almost child-like aura. The drama is entertaining, and I will continue to watch it, but I just wish I could overlook it so I can enjoy the drama more.

  20. i’ll be honest,im not really feeling sunny x reaper either. i think their development so far has been kind of lackluster until ep 12 and that’s only because of the young queen and king actors. like i know their past is sad but their lucky to have that element that’s makes it a bit more better then goblin x eun tak. i was expecting sizzling chemistry given their posters and the cast/ crew hyping their chemistry. but its good to things kicking into gear though and the ratings going up. im still enjoying the show

      • that’s why i said their development was lackluster. it wasnt done well from the start…

    • Yes, I agree which is why it is interesting that so many are invested in Sunny and Reaper because until recently there wasn’t much development there as well. It is beautifully made and I rarely watch this much of a drama and not finish so I’m glad things are revving up and hope it finishes strong.

    • @bila, agree with you that the young queen & king storyline is the most captivating. there was no love line development between them, but because of their good acting, we believe they were in love (especially the queen’s emotional acting). sunny & reaper’s actings are also good, I can feel their attractions to each other. I don’t really feel ET at all, despite all her fans claiming KGE is a good actress, I don’t get her in this drama, maybe it’s the writer’s or it’s a miscast… I wonder what if Kim So Hyun was casted as ET (instead of as the young queen), how would the feel of this drama become?

  21. Rating would have gone up earlier if they had focused on the 2nd OTP. Their story is much more deep and tragic. They could have developed their love line much more instead giving screen time for main OTP fan service

  22. I like Yoo Inna too much and there’s too little of her in the show. I went back and rewatched Queen In Hyun and damn, such a wasted opportunity here. Anyway hope I’ll see her headlining a drama soon that has a good story. This show has yet to do her justice fully.

  23. I think I just can’t love this show because I can’t suspend my disbelief and pretending that their reincarnation is one soul and you know your past in your previous life. I just can’t

    I still can’t suspend my disbelief No matter how Hard I try. I can’t said I really buy that Sunny and Young Queen from the past is one soul, also Young King and Lee Dong Wook is one soul, their characteristics seems so different from their past. Or I don’t find similarities between them. Even after they are showing Yo Inna face in Goryeo era. It seems so force and contrive.

    That’s why I’m also having a hard time believing ridiculous reincarnation plot in LOTBS either.

    • They aren’t supposed to be alike though…. The point is they are different. GR is nice and innocent without his cruel assistant. You can see how enviroment affect each individual

  24. If this drama was just about the past/past selves, I would watch, could they please make a drama that is the story of the past that focuses on Wang Yeo/Sunny and the evils that tore them apart/killed. I find that far more ineterestong and gripping than the main OTP and present time.

    • I think about 75% of the audience pretty much agrees with you from what I can see. I don’t know if this is how KES planned it, or if she is getting similar feedback in Korea and adjusting the story.

      • yes please adjust the story… cut ET’s time and give more to Sunny 🙂 More history focusing on Goblin, GR & Sunny. Especially now that ET cannot see ghost, she may not see the sword… I am fine with her being a little girlfriend to the Goblin, following him like a little puppy… but in terms of romance & storyline development, her character is really weak…

  25. The whole ” pull out the sword and or she will die, but if you do, you will die ” thing just reminds me of ‘my girlfriend is a gumiho’ so it adds to the lack luster of the sin- eun tak story and the character is just so so.

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