Script Reading and First Teaser for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo

It’s an all-around strong production team and cast for upcoming cable network jTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, one that bodes well for the network delivering something bright and funny rather than it’s usual serious fare. Starring Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, perpetual second male lead and scene-stealer in the right role Ji Soo adds a strong third wheel option to the proceedings. I love all three and the thought of teeny tiny Park Bo Young as a woman with super strength who becomes a bodyguard and then love interest to spoiled Park Hyung Sik’s second generation chaebol sounds super entertaining. Directing is PD Lee who early in his career did a slew of beautifully filmed K-dramas like The Snow Queen, I’m Sorry I Love You, Sangdoo Let’s Go to School, and Winter Sonata, and more recently directed Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi for jTBC. Writing the screenplay is also a jTBC veteran writer Baek who did My Love Eun Dong and this year also wrote the script for Woman of Dignity with Kim Hae Sun and Kim Sun Ah. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon premieres in February after Solomon’s Perjury.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon teaser:


Script Reading and First Teaser for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo — 11 Comments

  1. She is super cute. Can’t wait. She was a gangster in one of her movies with LJS, then a handsy ghost in Oh My Ghostess, and now she has super strength — all in one tiny girl. So cute. Both guys are also compatible with her. Hope the drama is good. I’m worried cos both the PD and the writer’s previous works were melo and kinda serious in tone. It’s a rom com I hope, no noble idiocy or parental objections, amnesia please. I want a fun rom com with the 3 leads.

  2. Oh I’m happy to see the both of them ! I mean I watched Hwarang and I’m already sad to think that PHS is the second lead… I like the first lead but his character is more interesting for now. So I’m excited to see this drama !

  3. I love Park Hyung Shik more in sageuk attire. I don’t normally suffer SLS but PSH as Ji Dwi is so difficult not to love. I love both him and PSJ so I can’t choose who deserve Ah Ro more. Can a girl not have two lovers at the same time?

  4. This story is seriously an extract from the compelling love triangle in Hwarang.. with Go Ara, Park Seo-jun and Park Hyung-sik..just some twist in the story and Strong Woman was made..hehe.. so not original at all..

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