A Long Awaited Mommy-Son Reunion Finally Arrives in New Stills for Episode 16 of Legend of the Blue Sea

I can’t be the only one worried about a potential truck of doom once Legend of the Blue Sea set its long awaited mommy-son moment in an intersection of all places. But then I realize that super strength Shim Chung is right next to mommy and can keep her safe, but it looks like the writer isn’t headed down that path and will instead happily let the long separated Joon Jae and Joon Jae mommy reunite.

I’m happy both with their well deserved chance to fill the gap in their hearts from the forced separation, as well as giving sticking it to the baddies for keeping them apart then and even now as annoying Si Ah tried to delay things. Hopefully Joon Jae daddy won’t bite the dust before he realizes the error of his ways in bringing evil second wife and her just as evil son into their lives. Until then, let Joon Jae finally have some happy mommy cake and share it with his Chung.

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A Long Awaited Mommy-Son Reunion Finally Arrives in New Stills for Episode 16 of Legend of the Blue Sea — 8 Comments

  1. LMH say no to those ugly sweaters! This one is 2 sweaters ripped to make 1… *face palm*

    Preview was cute hope the episode is good
    I find Shi ah increasingly endearing in her hopeless situation. didnt expect me to find that but she’s comical

  2. This sounds heartless, but I don’t care if Joon Jae’s father dies without amending for his sins. What he did to his family was far unforgivable whether or not he was being seduced.

  3. awww the matching colour outfits between Joon Jae, his mummy and his Chung sooo cute! They’re a family already. 😍

  4. Hi
    It’s a very nice drama.

    I thank you also for translations as song in the clouds and others..

    I am surching english resume for the chinese drama “Princess Jieyou”
    I have got the drama without english sub. and can’t find them anywhere (just the beginning of the drama).

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