First Show Poster for Newlywed Diary Features Snowy and Happy Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun

Iā€™m really curious about how newlywed stars Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun will come across in the hands of variety maestro Na PD. He’s capable of turning the most mundane situations into ones of quiet interest, making three meals a day in a remote location, so now he seems to be combining various past elements together for the upcoming Newlywed Diary starring the aforementioned real life celebrity couple.

This is real We Got Married mixed with Three Meals a Day, I see awkward but sweet cohabitation and a countryside setting complete with a menagerie of household cute dogs and a cat. The show released it’s first poster straight out of a wintry romance drama but with genuine in love happy smiles on the faces of the newlyweds rather than acting. This show makes me interested in watching the slightly awkward duo navigate the delicacies of the first year of marriage.


First Show Poster for Newlywed Diary Features Snowy and Happy Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun — 10 Comments

  1. The only Na PD program that I less anticipated. I’m not a fan of program that wanna show off their harmonious or romance life. I think the way Ji Sung and Bo Young support each other without showing off too much is more sweet in my eyes.

    • yikes this sounds so bitter. They’re not showing off, but do you only want to see miserable real couples or happy fake celeb couples on tv?

  2. I like almost all Na PD program, but this one, I have to pass. I dont really like this kind of variety/reality show. Nothing again this couple, if they wanna show their marriage life, its up to them..but I feel unconfortable watching someone private life šŸ™‚
    same reason I dont feel comfortable watch Return of Superman, the babies are cute, but I do think they are to young to have cameras around their life..

  3. I love them! Best couple in the k-ent industry! I’ve been wishing for this. Thanks to Na PD for turning this into a reality. Highly anticipating this show. The poster looks great btw!:)

  4. Can’t wait for the show..It’s going to be good combination of romance, cute fights and their loving pets.Love ahngu & Na PD shows šŸ™‚

  5. It’s so weird to sell their own romance for popularity but their relationship is the reason people started to like them after all.
    Not for me though

  6. It seems like selling their personal life is the only way to make to headlines for them.
    AJH keep mentioning about his wife in NJTTW whereas GHS keep mentioning about her husband in her interview.
    Will give a pass for this, not a fan for this couple, plus I’m getting bored with them showing off.

  7. They are so cute.
    From some of the comments here, it seems like people are so bitter about their happiness, yet are so quick to gobble up stories about relationship from paparazzi stalker photos.
    I want to see them interact. It is nice to see a genuinely happy celebrity couple.

  8. People always find ways to criticise Weather they share their story or not, But I think it is beautiful that they are so in love with each other so much so they can’t help but mention each other regularly.

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