Song Joong Ki Makes Casual Sportswear Look Chic in New Top Ten CF

I’m glad Descendants of the Sun aired super early in 2016 because it’s given Song Joong Ki the entire year to bask in the new level of popularity. I wouldn’t have it any other way, sure he’s an extremely talented actor and the role that rocketed him to super stardom was more dishy than substantive, but now he’ll have a chance at whatever role he wants and he’s picked smartly in doing the war movie Battleship Island as his next project. Normally Kim Eun Sook male leads all hew closely to similar personality constructs, not always but her majority preference is dominant alpha male leads, and in DotS the character of Yoo Shi Jin fit the mold except Song Joong Ki’s performance added so many shades and subtleties it felt solely unique and endearing. Miss my charming colonel very much still!


Song Joong Ki Makes Casual Sportswear Look Chic in New Top Ten CF — 11 Comments

  1. Handsome.. Just a perfect balance of boyish charm and manly vibe, the clothes look good on him too. Hope the next project will attain success either, as well as good experiences that’ll shape him to be a better and more versatile actor just like his seniors. And I’m with you, Miss koala, missing Uri Major Yoo Si Jin so much. Dan-gyeol!

  2. I always happy to read some news about Song Joong Ki. looking forward to his new film Battleship island. i am sure he will have another stellar and unique performance in that movie the way he always deliver in all his projects that is why for me he is the best among his contemporaries.SONG JOONG KI FIGHTING!!!!!!

    • Yah!!Kang Maru is the reason why i am hooked on SJK and then Chulso squeeze My heart with just two words”dont go”SJK is the only korean actor who make me feel melancholy For a week because of his performance in “a werewolf boy”.

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