Superstar Rain Announces Upcoming February Wedding to Actress Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee

Huuuuuge news on a random Tuesday, but it feels like a full circle for me because their news on January 1st launched the recent years worth of massive celebrating dating deluge. Top Korean dating stars Rain and Kim Tae Hee have confirmed that they are getting married! Rain announced the news by posting a handwritten letter to his fans explaining that he was indeed marrying his beloved next month in February at a closed ceremony at Kim Tae Hee’s Catholic church in Seoul.

Rain converted to Catholicism for his honey last year so the nuptials will be fully blessed by their shared faith. I’m so happy for this super famous yet low key in dating couple, they never ever flaunted their romance or rode the coattails of it to further their fame. Rain’s letter to his fans explained how Kim Tae Hee has supported him through his ups and downs and ended with “She is the best present to me”. So much awwwww I can’t even. Super duper congrats!


Superstar Rain Announces Upcoming February Wedding to Actress Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee — 51 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the couple. Kim Tae Hee is a natural beauty and a smart one as well. Rain has good taste 🙂 Wishing them all the best.

  2. I’m super duper happy for them. Despite their popularity, they keep low-key their relationship. I also respect their fans who always keep supporting both of them. I think they’re my first favorite korean couple. No scandal from the beginning and end up with a happy ending.

  3. It’s about time. Congratulations to the happy couple. It’s good to start the day with such delightful news. Wishing them the best life has to offer.

  4. I hate that he had to announce it just a few days after the the release of his new single/comeback. It just screams media play and he probably didn’t even mean it!
    The single now makes sense… His new song is called ‘The Best Present’, and if you listen to the lyrics its definitely a song he (& PSY) wrote for KTH.
    Either way I wish them the best as I do like them individually and together.

    • Then when should he announce it when it’s the WEEK of his wedding? And if he chooses to remember it with a single to his wife to be then it’s even better. Isn’t it the perfect time to announce it.

      I am not even a fan of both but for someone to miscontrue to put bad intentions on probably the happiest week of his life? That is like those Internet commenters who only see lemons in their lives.

  5. Awww, what an awesome way to start off my day! I’m seriously super happy for them – they are both so high profile individually and yet dated like a genuinely low key couple in love. While I’m not sure how their relationship is outside the media coverage, I think this is how celebrities should date. Without milking their relationship, just earnestly working individually for themselves, their fans and each other.

  6. ???????????
    I never forget them ! I have been checking news of Rain and Kim Tae Hee- hoping to hear news of their marriage!
    Congratulations! I wish for them to be happily married forever!!

    • I mean this in the nicest way but nah. Especially not when he is enlisting shortly and she is at the peak of her career and youth. They will tho, if they can make it through the 2 years Lee Min Ho will be gone without separating. It’s a difficult threshold; look at Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo as well as Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo.

      • @stillwater I was referring to Lee Min Ho and Suzy in response to Lolol. Actually, case in point, if I remember correctly, Rain and Kim Tae Hee successfully weathered Rain’s enlistment and stayed together.

    • If their relationship is strong, it can survive a 2 year separation. If it is already kind of iffy, they’ll break up before he goes in which is just fine as well.

  7. Wow. The birth of a power couple that sealed the deal. Congrats! But, right now, I just want a happy ending for them Goblin babes T_T

  8. You know a guy is serious with his relationship when he’s even willing to convert his religion. So big congrats to the couple. Wishing them a blissful marriage life.

  9. Isn’t saying that Rain converted for Kim Tae Hee a bit far fetched? They’ve never said that and while it may be true, it also may not… I know how it looks like, but it’s still possible that she introduced him to Catholicism, but he did it of his own accord.

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