Suzy Makes Official Solo Debut as Singer with Title Track “Pretend”

There’s plenty of justification for K-drama fans to wish that singer-actress Suzy stick with the musical side of her entertainment career. Her drama outings have been mostly underwhelming, with the spots of success few and far between a tendency to emote flatly. I’m still okay with her getting cast in dramas, even opposite my favorite leading men, because the failed dramas in her wake have also been caused by inconsistent scripts or directing so I can’t say she was the root cause of the total package lacking. With that said, Suzy now has to prove herself on the music stage this month with her first official solo debut. She’s released solo tracks before, my favorite being her “Too Many Tears” track for the Me Too, Flower! OST, but this time around it’s coming with a big splashy promo. The first track is called “Pretend” off the album Yes/No, so have a listen and see if singing solo Suzy is still the better avenue for her career.

Suzy “Pretend”:


Suzy Makes Official Solo Debut as Singer with Title Track “Pretend” — 10 Comments

  1. I actually like Suzy very much. But not in dramas, I saw her in Dream High and that was it. And maybe I could give one of her dramas a try, but not right now. But her music, so far I love it. Keep it going, Suzy.

  2. I’m not her fans. Don’t really like her in drama but that doesn’t mean i hate her. She’s a good CF artist and after listening this single i feel like she should keep up her singing career. Her single is good and catchy enough. It’s even all kill a few times.

  3. She is pretty but there is no denying that she is a terrible actress. Not everyone is cut out to become an actress. Her inability to emote feel like an injustice to drama viewers. She definitely should just stick to singing, modeling and doing CF.

  4. she is getting prettier… He should stick to modelling I guess.. because for me a singer also need a passion. just like acting.

  5. Koala, I thought the same thing when I saw “Suzy + solo!” Too Many Tears was a beautiful song.

    (Part of the reason Me, Too, Flower was watchable is the sound track. That, and the very surprising sexiness of YSH.)

  6. I am re-watching Dream High right now, and I agree that her singing is much better than her acting. I think part of the problem is that her speaking voice is strangely nasal, and when she is acting upset or angry she sounds downright screechy. In Dream High, they turned her bad acting into a really funny meta joke.

  7. Meeh, she should stick out of entertainment, she’s always pacute and pabebe, I mean trying hard to look pretty on camera its kinda annoying, when everyone knows her original face from her defunct girlband “Suzy A”, like she thinks fans are all shallow minded its kinda irritating. when she’s always the mediocre one but just the favorite of her manager thats why she get lead roles even if she dont deserve it or work hard for it, she’s the luckiest mediocre idol Ive known.

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