Kim Eun Sook’s Next Drama After Goblin to be a Sageuk Tenatively Scheduled for Early 2018

The successful never rest on their laurels but it’s even more impressive when successive projects meet or exceeds expectations. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook reportedly took 6 years of writing and preparation on recently finished fantasy drama Goblin, during which she churned out her more romance-centric hits like Descendants of the Sun, Heirs, and Secret Garden. Goblin was the first time she branched out of the central romance driven drama and penned one that was focused on humanity and life. For her next drama, she’s revealed that it’s tentatively scheduled for the first half of 2018 and will likely be a straight up sageuk. I say straight up because Goblin had extensive sageuk elements set in the Goryeo era, and Kim Eun Sook reportedly enjoyed the challenge so much she wants her next drama to be a sageuk. I’m excited to see her challenge herself and I love the sageuk parts of Goblin!


Kim Eun Sook’s Next Drama After Goblin to be a Sageuk Tenatively Scheduled for Early 2018 — 26 Comments

  1. Oh I’m really curious of her choice of story! I think the next project of Goong Yoo should be a historic drama too ! He was really great in general.

    They will be two special episodes of Goblin with NG, I can’t wait !

    • I agree that Gong Yoo should do a saeguk soon. He cut such a magnificent figure as the Goryeo general.That’s how a man should look like in military. Forget about those eyeliners and fussing over ridiculous manes.

    • Don’t take that 6 years thing too seriously. It doesn’t mean that she spent copious amount of time during the 6 years period on writing the show. Could be that she wasn’t focused or she was waiting for inspiration to hit her and take her out of the rut.

    • Granted, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s a pretty ungenerous critique of her writing of Goblin.
      Considering KES body of work, I think Goblin is her best and narratively loaded.

      I’d agree that Heirs and Secret Garden were ’empty’. Didn’t watch DoTS, so can’t comment on that. In Goblin I felt she did a good job, I felt she faltered with the consistency of Kim Shin’s characterisation; but overall, I think the audience sympathised and connected with her message.

      Here’s hoping that the Sageuk is more like Goblin and less like SG and Heirs!

  2. Please do us a favor, KES. You got Hyun Bin and Kim Woo Bin in your drama, how about Won Bin for your next one? Get him out his cave..jeh-bahl.

    • She chooses only the top actors. I can see her picking Kim Soo Hyun but isn’t he enlisting in 2018? It’s not impossible though. I doubt she’ll choose the same actress so it won’t be PSH.

      • No Kim Soo Hyun, please. He’s already got mega hits under his belt, don’t want to see him in a cheesy KES drama.

      • Lmao KES actually likes to reuse actresses like KJE,KHN,KJW, etc…

        However I don’t want PSH to work with her now. Her female lead’s writing is horrible and PSH deserves better than that. She had enough hate with Heirs and people still drag her even after Pinocchio and Doctors

        If KSH and PSH worked together, I wish to have better writer. Their names alone should secure at least decent-to-good rating already. They don’t need KES for rating but good writer and script.

        And I don’t think KSH or LJK is her type based on her leading men record.

  3. I read somewhere that she’s courting Kang Dong Won next, not really sure but hell, yeah! Since KDW is fully booked with his movies this 2017, he possibly could return to dramas by 2018? Oh yes please.

  4. I say goblin was good as it is, just could’ve been better here and there. plus if she is thinking about trying to get kdw in her new one, I think it might work out. would be investing to see him in a sageuk drama.

  5. Goblin ended up being a bit of a fail for me though it was beautifully filmed. (Too much slow motion though.) The pacing was horrible and I never really bought the OTP. It really should have been a 12 episode drama. Having said that, the parts I liked the best were the historical bits. That just resonated with me a lot more.

    I’ve found some of KES’s dramas to be cheesy/cliche addictive and others did nothing for me, but she does get big names.

  6. kes says she like to have won bin next, if he refuses then kang dong won next.i hope won bin accepts and then paired with song hye will be drama for the gods.i will like to see both in a sageuk drama.

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