Park Ki Woong Cast as Baek In Ho in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap with Park Hae Jin

This year is off to a high profile casting start for Park Ki Woong – he’s just been confirmed to play the second male lead role of Baek In Ho in the movie version of Cheese in the Trap. It feels like eons ago when the drama aired early last year to tons of praise and then massive disappointment. I’m so over it but hopefully the movie version will do the webtoon justice and the casting of Park Ji Woong is a step in the right direction.

2016 was a good year for Park Ki Woong with a second male lead role in long running MBC prime time drama Monster, a drama I still need to catch up on and hopefully was a solid outing for him. He’s still so underrated and remains one of K-ents more complex actors with the ability to slide across the spectrum of emotional extremes. When he plays evil there’s such giddy glee in the nefariousness, yet when he’s the boy-next-door there’s nary a hint of anything else other than wholesome sweetness.

This is such an odd set up it begs to be written about, the combination of Park Ki Woong with lots and lots of black chairs. The latest BNT pictorial featuring Park Ji Woong has him lounging on a bunch of upturned chairs and ending with the random arrival of a pink teddy bear holding a microphone. No clue what’s going on but he’s game for it, even donning red pants for a burst of color.


Park Ki Woong Cast as Baek In Ho in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap with Park Hae Jin — 13 Comments

  1. Yup…this guy just needs the right projects…talented for sure but so far his roles are too extreme it’s too yin or too yang for me just needs the perfect balance for sure.

  2. Park Ki Woon 31
    Park Hae Jin 33
    Yeon Seo Oh 29

    I think for a movie about young adults, the casting is a little bit old. I love those 3 actors but their age is too obvious now.

  3. Don’t bother with Monster…. I had to drag myself to watch all 50 odd episodes… and the outcome was I was never able to get back the time i wasted on it and you know its bad when I can’t even remember it.
    Also like him but not looking forward to this movie…

  4. We, as a society, have to let CITT die and move on…it’s like dragging around a dead horse, hoping it’ll suddenly spring up again. This whole movie just feels like a ego trip for PHJ in order to make up for how he feels he was “wronged” by the production. The cast is also way too old.

    • Yes, I completely agree. I’m really dissapointed PKW signed on, as a second lead no less. I wish he chose something with less contoversy associated with it. Hope he does a drama soon!

    • The original webtoon author is writing the script for the movie. I guess you feel she should get over it too. Only the drama PD is allowed to make her own lame fanfic based on the webtoon, anyone else is just ego-tripping.

  5. They’re playing university students not high schoolers I think they can all get away with looking about 24 years old with the right make up. I am looking forward to the movie as the webtoon writer is writing it so I have confidence as she won’t be overturned by fussy PDs and scriptwriters breathing down her neck to follow the whims of a channel. It would be more difficult with film once it is green lighted.

  6. They’re all too old to be very honest, reminds ne of the heirs cast, it was hard to believe LMH playing a high school student and here we go again, at least Park Ki Woong looked boyish enough, but still…

  7. LOL clearly the “original” drama fans have NO idea that the original webtoon writer is helming the screenplay herself and was the sole reason why Park Hae Jin is playing Yoo Jung sunbae again.

    This is a SEQUEL to the actual webtoon, where all of them will be adults.

    That’s why Oh Yeon Seo was cast and is MILES ahead of Kim Go Eun. Why? She embodies the actual Hong Seol in the webtoon and having Park Ki Woong makes the cast solid.

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