Lee Dong Wook Does Commentary for Goblin Special and Releases Teaser Poster of Upcoming Asia Tour

It’s a good time for Lee Dong Wook to capitalize on his buzzy turn as the Grim Reaper/Emo Goryeo King in recently concluded fantasy drama Goblin. Neither him nor male lead Gong Yoo has had a super popular hit drama like this in years, and actually in the case of Lee Dong Wook one would have to go back a decade to the My Girl days. Next month he’ll be holding a Asia fan meeting tour starting in Seoul, and above is the poster release that is quite mesmerizing for being two sides of his face.

I know many top stars have side profile preferences which always feels like overkill since both sides look the same to me, but with Lee Dong Wook it totally looks different in a cool way, making me study his profile. This past weekend tvN aired two Goblin specials including lots of behind-the-scenes footage, and doing narration was Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, giving fans yet another chance to enjoy their charming banter and wit.


Lee Dong Wook Does Commentary for Goblin Special and Releases Teaser Poster of Upcoming Asia Tour — 9 Comments

  1. Really like him , he is a flower boy in a manly way, if there is such a thing. Always watch his drama and also was disappointed when his career kind of flatlined. He spoke about this in that show Roommates. Glad he is finding his second wave, hope he gets good offers.

  2. After my girl and scent of a woman, I’m glad he was in goblin, he regains back his popularity, and even bigger now. Waiting for his next project. I hope he chooses another good project.
    He is a good man and not to mention he has that gorgeous and classy face and sexy body. Wish him all the best.

  3. How could he rejected Yoo In Na proposal to visit their bridge in front of me. My shipping hurts.
    Maybe he doesn’t like woman propose it first, or he is not interested in her at all.

    • I know rightttt I was like he could have just said yes we should even though he didn’t mean it.. how could he reject her like that .. and also the behind the scenes when Yoo In Na said he didn’t want to kiss and she said if you don’t want to do it I won’t do it .. I just felt strange .. even if he doesn’t like her he should be still professional.. maybe he has a gf but still my heart hurts Yoo In Na she is so cute

  4. The special episodes were really funny. It was nice to see their interactions behind the camera (I would like to see a little bit more KGE, she was the lead after all). The NG were so funny, the movie scene, Goon Yoo screaming, oh my god…

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