Production of Chicago Typewriter Denies Offering Seolhyun Leading Lady Role and Offer Out to Im Soo Jung

The casting for upcoming tvN Fri-Sat drama Chicago Typewriter just churned out some faster than fiction twists and turns. Within 24 hours the casting of the leading lady went from the I-can’t-believe it rumor of Seolhyun from AOA to sigh-of-relief offer out to Im Soo Jung. Seolhyun is super pretty but her acting has yet to impress me, whereas dramas have been trying to lure movie actress Im Soo Jung back to the small screen for over a decade and it would be fantastic if she ends her twelve year drought and comes back with Chicago Typewriter opposite likely male lead Yoo Ah In. Also considering offers to join the cast are Go Kyung Pyo and the super adorable Secretary Kim from Goblin Jo Woo Jin.

Chicago Typewriter has time to finalize the cast as it takes over the time slot in March from Tomorrow With You. Looks like Park Shin Hye has definitively turned down the offer to be the leading lady but if Im Soo Jung accepts it won’t be a downgrade and will provide a fresh pairing for drama viewers.


Production of Chicago Typewriter Denies Offering Seolhyun Leading Lady Role and Offer Out to Im Soo Jung — 26 Comments

  1. Thank goodness not Seolhyun. Please do not cast anymore idol who barely has enough experience for the leading role especially opposite a credible actor like Yoo Ah In. The boy has a shoulder injury that delayed his MS, so the possibility of shouldering another drama due to bad actress will worsen his injury and he may forever never enlisting. Anyway, it would be a miracle if they could cast Im Soo Jung. She is like the female version of Won Bin in K-dramaland. But I think she is perhaps too old to be paired with Yoo Ah In. How about Park Min Young? Haven’t seen her for quite sometimes now.

    • They’re 7 years apart, and I think it’s OK. YAI has acted with way older actress before (Kim Hee Ae – Secret Love Affair) and their chemistry was off the chart.

    • I don’t see any problem with huge age gap between the actors. As long as both can deliver their roles, why not?

      And I’d choose Im Soo-jung over Park Min-young any day even if she were 100 years younger than Im Soo-jung.

  2. i’m up for im soo jung and yoo ah in! she may be older then him but they look compatible in appearance plus they both are good actors. I’m kind of glad park shin hye turned down this role.

    • Ikr haha.

      I don’t think ISJ wants to return to dramaland. To me she is movie level. Let’s wait & see who else is confirmed besides JWJ.

      • Yup,its ok if she will back to dramaland,but she deserves better scriptwriter lol
        They better give us confirmed news

  3. it’s a good thing PSH turned this down. she likes characters that centers around her. besides,she’s still filming Silence with Choi min sik. I want PSH/KSH or PSH/JCW in a drama.

  4. Lol…how could PSH turned down the offer when she NEVER ever received the script…lol..the rumor true much can do damages..sighhh

  5. This script writer’s media play noise marketing tactics are already working if a lot of people think that PSH declined the offer. She never even received an official offer from the writer and production team so how can she decline? Same with Kim Soo Hyun’s name. Please, help me understand why was his name linked with this drama? None of the current possible candidates YAI, ISJ or GKP ever confirmed so why are their names attached to this project again? I’m sorry but I find this tactic really cheap…

  6. JJH and JDY were a bigger movie star than ISJ and yet they were able to lure back to small screen after so many years. Anything can happen.

    • True!
      Also, maybe because so many are waiting for any news of her future drama….:)
      But, though waiting ……relieved she is not part of this one…despite having YAI in it.
      Synopsis somehow did not appeal to me..

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