Kim Woo Bin Starts 2017 Off Right with Sold Out Fan Meeting

I’ve got no regrets over Kim Woo Bin‘s last drama Uncontrollably Fond, the pre-produced high profile KBS drama last summer costarring Suzy and written by famed screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee. The last two episodes made it for me, redeemed the previous eighteen episodes filled with nuggets of goodness wrapped in inconsistent wrapping. To this day I can rewatch the last two episodes and spend both hours just crying, with the tears ending with a happy sigh of contentment at emotions sincerely elicited. Kim Woo Bin did a fantastic job as the male lead except for the role being so tailor written for his stereotypical arrogant abrupt character style that is on the verge of being typecast. I hope it’s not even if he excels at it, I think he has more in the tank to showcase and hope to see a noticeable evolution this year. He did start off the year right with a sold hold fan meeting last month with plenty of fan service dipped in super warm attitude.


Kim Woo Bin Starts 2017 Off Right with Sold Out Fan Meeting — 7 Comments

  1. I love Kim Woo Bin. I hope to watch him in a drama with Park Shin Hye. They ooze so much chemistry. Oth, I have been reading about fan meetings by actors and all indeed are sold out. There were Lee Jun Ki, Park Bo Gum, Lee Dong Wook and now Kim Woo Bin. Since all are sold out fan meetings, so what is there that actually made the headline?

  2. Despite the poor ratings and lots of criticsisms by fans I still loved Uncontrollably Fond, The last two episodes made up for whatever was wrong with the drama, I cried buckets too watching those two episodes. Even now rewatching it is still very heart wrenching for me.

    KWB is a very good young actor and he confirmed his acting prowess with his performances in the movies The Con Artist and the latest Master. Also he is a very humble and unassuming young man which is evident in his persona. Loved you KWB, I am your fan always!???

  3. That drama has a place in my heart. Flawed and all. I personally think UF is too long. They should have wrap up in 16 episode. His acting in here for me is better than anything he did in the past. It’s just what can I said, more subtle? He is more capable of restrain to show emotion.

  4. KWB such a bae. I hope he will have great year and will comeback to dramaland. His acting was one of thing that made me love UF and close eyes to it flaws.

  5. UF flopping ultimately didn’t matter because his movie Master with Kang Dong Won and Lee Byung Hun wasa smash hit. KWB is always successful in movies.

  6. KWB better have a drama with either Kim Ji Won or Park Shin Hye. He had such a great chemistry with them in Heirs. Additionally a work with Lee Jong Suk too but I doubt that will happen T__T

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