New Cross-border Romance as Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li Confirm Relationship

New couple alert from both Korean and Chinese entertainment – veteran actor Joo Jin Mo has confirmed the rumors that started last year in 2016 that he’s dating Chinese actress Zhang Li. They met on the set of Chinese drama I’m Sorry, My Love and subsequently the C-media speculated that they were dating from the set visit warmness between the two as well as catching them out and about after filming. There was radio silence back then regarding the rumors but this week the couple was spotting in Japan on vacation with photo evidence snapped by fans so they’ve confirmed they are dating. This is Joo Jin Mo’s first public relationship, if I’m not mistaken, while Zhang Li was in a high profile relationship with Sunny Wang a few years back that crashed and burned fast and he moved on with now wife Dominique Tsai. Congrats to the pretty couple and wishing them the best!


New Cross-border Romance as Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li Confirm Relationship — 16 Comments

  1. They were already photographed last year by Zhuo Wei – the famous Chinese paparazzi dude, equivalent of Dispatch, except this guy likes to reveal Chinese showbiz scandals on his Weibo by using his trademark #SeeyouguysonMonday tag. I would say that many spilled scandals in ML-China-entertainment recent years were the work of this guy: Chen Xiao-Michelle Chen, GYY-Mark Chao, LYF-SSH, LSS-Nicky, Faye-Nick, Wen Zhang’s/Hawick’s/Chen Sichen’s adultery scandals etc. etc. basically all the big scandals you can think of.

    So the couple stayed in ZL’s house for a few days and were snapped by Zhuo Wei’s team last year with some snippets where JJM was seen patting her butt (!), and the couple being very close. Instead of admitting to the truth (like everybody else does on their Weibo if caught by paparazzi), JJM denied the reports and claimed that they were just “brother and sister”. Anyway, Zhuo Wei, never giving up, sent his “disciple” off to Japan to follow the couple once again. And this time, finally got the couple to admit that they are dating. Those photos were not taken by fans, it was Zhuo Wei’s work again. And they are going to show more footage and details today through a live broadcast. Chinese paparazzi can be a pain in the arse sometimes..

    Anyway, congratulations to the couple. Good for her that she found her Mr. Right, especially after her ex cheated on her with his ex.

    • I don’t follow celebrities for anything. But have to applaud your post. That was seriously funny to read ( about the vengeful paparazzi who has pride in his reputation ) and ALL the Chinese celebrities list. I don’t even know who they are except for the Michelle Chen name.

  2. I believe no fire without smoke. There were some celebs that rumored having an affair. Park Shin Hye-Lee Jong Suk, Yoona-Chinese actor, Eric-Seo Hyun Jin, Lee jun Ki-Jeon Hye Bin, etc. Either, they are close friends or really have special relationship only time will tell.

  3. PSH hasn’t really taken a guy to liking she befriends all this guy friends but never really anyone of love interest, so that can only mean two things. She has a non celebrity boyfriend or she’s dating one of the Old bachelor (top star) that everyone knows about but cant speak off.

  4. Yes, lots of interest in PSH love life even if this article isn’t about her. She knows the response of bystanders so she will never openly admit her relationship. As her fan, I hope for her happiness. It really isn’t our business who she dates as long as she is happy. Shippers can continue to dream.

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