Yoo Ah In Diagnosed with Bone Tumor During Health Checkup for Military Enlistment

There’s more bad news on the health front, a week after K-actress Moon Geun Young was rushed to surgery for compartment syndrome in her arm and had to cancel all her stage performances. K-actor Yoo Ah In has been diagnosed during health checkups for his impending military service with having a bone tumor. It is yet unclear if the tumor is benign or potentially cancerous, but this is certainly a scary and worrying medical condition to have. Yoo Ah In has been in the news a lot these past few weeks, from enlistment preparations to maybe doing a new drama Chicago Typewriter before he enlists. With this health news all I care about is that he gets the best medical attention and the condition has the safest outcome for his health.


Yoo Ah In Diagnosed with Bone Tumor During Health Checkup for Military Enlistment — 18 Comments

  1. This is really a bad news. I do hope for the best for him. Do anyone know if there is a case like this (someone with a serious disease) will get an exception from military service or not?

  2. This is really sad .. I hope he get quick treatment and recover soon and I also hope he gets exempted from his Military service ..

  3. Omg he better be okay. At this point I am just hoping they will exempt him from the army or just let him do paper work. But he really seems to love doing dramas and movies that make an impact while straining himself physically. We all know if Netizens see him continue with his work they will complain that he is healthy and didn’t go to the army.

  4. Wow this is the worst news i’ve heard in awhile as a big fan of his this is even more depressing to hear that it’s happening before some projects he is excited to start.I hope he gets the treatment he needs and recovers 100%. Master sik nooo:(

  5. i thk there was news saying it is benign. that part is the good news. But stil a tumour means abnormal growth and would depend on diagnosis and doctor’s recommendation if surgical removal is required. cause if unchecked growth d tumour even though not cancerous could grow and compress healthy bone tissue.
    also the agency is keeping a secret location of the tumour. Sending my heartfelt prayers for him

  6. I hope it is really beging because bone cancer tends to mortal within ten years time… Depends of course on the type of cancer you have but generally you cannot be cured.

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