Cheese in the Trap Movie Finalizes Female Leads Casting of Oh Yeon Seo and Yoo In Young

The casting of the movie version of Cheese in the Trap would be considered perfect, if it was ten years ago for all four leads. The movie finished casting today with the additional of Yoo In Young as second female lead Baek In Ha, joining already confirmed female lead Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Seol. Oh Yeon Seo was hilarious in Please Come Back Ahjusshi and will be more than capable of being Hong Seol, and same with Yoo In Young after doing a scene-stealing cameo in You From Another Star. Along with male leads Park Hae Jin reprising Yoo Jung and Park Ki Woong as Baek In Ho, the four leads are pitch perfect in looks and acting aura for their roles other than being a full decade out from their college days and that’s going to take some visual adjustment to send them all back to college for the story.

I’m also curious if there is any audience appetite for this story left? The drama was nicely done when it started off plus fans of the webtoon have been waiting a long time for the live-action version so there was high interest in it. With over a year past now and the movie likely not hitting the big screen until 2018, who knows if the interest will remain especially having to shill out for a movie ticket. At least the casting is spot on, age aside, that makes for a good reason to check out the good acting and chemistry.


Cheese in the Trap Movie Finalizes Female Leads Casting of Oh Yeon Seo and Yoo In Young — 6 Comments

  1. Koala, I heard some sources said that the movie will be a spin off from manhwa where it takes place after college and all the main characters will be in their thirties, well if that’s true then it’s an appropriate casts.

  2. as I remember from the initial project,
    the movie will be release after the webtoon’s end as the continuation for the webtoon or spin off,
    same character, different story, 5-10 years after the webtoon,
    so it’s not the drama remake which makes the casting more age appropriate

    I think they can pull of young looking if they gonna remake the drama,
    so I am fine with both,

  3. They’re for sure don’t center the history in college, ’cause with that age, been more older It can be placed that way. It’s kinda sad ’cause I tought that with a new remake it was a chance that the things that they made wrong in the first adaptation can have a solution but it looks like a BIG NO. The thing that I love it from the comic its that I feel related with the situations placed in the Uni and now that dosen’t see posible.

  4. I just felt bad that the movie adaptation was not offered to kim Go Eun when her Acting Was great In The Series. If They Changed The Casts,might As Well Change The Main Lead Actor as Well. New Faces, fresh Scenes. Just Saying.

    • I agree. The movie can get confusig esp if it’s supposed to be a sequel if they change the casts and retaining PHJ as Yoo Jung

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